steiner exhibition (phone pics)

They aren’t perfect, naturally. But I forgot to take pictures of the barn close up, as I wrote in an earlier post. Also, I’d like to illustrate one of the problems I wrote about in that post. I believe that photographing the drawings was not allowed… But. Anyway. This is because I want to point out how difficult it was to see the drawings. Look at this photo:

You see the spotlight-type (?) lamp reflection(s). (Camera flash was turned off!) You see the opposite wall, with its drawings. The barn construction. You even see me. What you don’t really see, as properly as you’d like, is the drawing (‘Myth’). I’m not certain they could have solved this issue with better lighting, but it seems possible to me. The few drawings displayed in another room in the central exhibition area were much more visible in this regard. (And, no, I don’t think that the face on the right side of the drawing is supposed to look like Snoopy. But it does!)

4 thoughts on “steiner exhibition (phone pics)

  1. It takes better picures than my digital compact-camera did — on the other hand, it was bought in 2005, and improvement in this area has been marvellous. Unfortunately, the pictures only become decent if you add some filter effects (I downloaded a program on the phone for this purpose), since they hide the deficits somewhat. It’s kind of fun though, because it makes me think about the picture’s composition much more — it’s the only thing I can really influence. (And composition is why I like the third picture above; not that it was intentional, but it worked.)

  2. That’s interesting ‘cus I’d consider the first more successful than the third. Maybe just me.

  3. No, you may be right. I debated with myself which one to choose to come first, and choose that one because of the Steiner-banner. I do notice one thing about the first pic though — it’s got a kind of almost-spiral motion going through it. But I felt, with the first picture, that I would have wanted a slightly different perspective, with more of the mud path showing.

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