the birthday boy

Mr Dog is seven. It’s a magic number, but you must not interpret it anthroposophically (canineosophy is a much better science anyway). He lost his puppy teeth long ago! These pictures are from today, from our evening walk in the forest.


10 thoughts on “the birthday boy

  1. Thank you, thank you! Well, I didn’t get the real bunnies I wished for, so that’s a HUGE disappointment. Same thing every year, actually. I mean, the stuffed toy bunnies are not really as funny as the real thing, if you understand what I’m saying. Not even if they squeek. I’m not that easy to fool. Anyway, had a nice chewing-bone in the morning after breakfast, and lamb, carrots, fresh pasta with some butter for dinner. Tasted yummy. Then a forest walk. Saw a roe deer with babies — yummy! Thought it was for me on my birthday, turned out it was not, and someone (again!!! the frustration!!!) held on to the other end of the leash. Disappointing! Hoping for ice-cream now, though. /mr Dog.

  2. Sorry, belated Happy Birthday wishes to your handsome chap and just look at those teeth – ready to sink into Sune buttocks per chance?

  3. have been tearing around (at one point with a Mrs Dog) so have not yet said how very splendid & handsome our guru is. He’s a small wolf with a very pink tongue. Many happy bunny hunts.

  4. on second thoughts if Sune was to offer a cheek I suspect Mr Dog would politely decline. Too chewy.

  5. Thank you both very much, says mr D. He likes chewy, the chewier the better; his teeth are very sharp and enjoy chewy (most chew-bones have to little chewiness, he eats them like minced meat). But right taste is also important — and Sune may be lacking on that account. In general, mr D doesn’t chew on people, if there are better tasting things around. Not that we know conclusively that Sune is a human. But we suspect he’s not a dried penis of a bull. If he were, dogs would have chewed him to pieces long ago. Neither can he be a bunny. Probably just an old human who tastes boring if you chew him. Mr Dog kisses everybody though. He’s not very fastidious, I’m afraid. Only with eating and chewing.

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