Monsieur Chien victimizes an unnamed, anonymous wooden stick. He firmly believes that the mrs Dogs — make sure you show them Thetis! –, and his other admirers all over the world, will be impressed. So I had to post this.


4 thoughts on “stick

  1. I love watching dogs with sticks in their mouths.
    “I did it. I got it! I got the stick. Did you see I got the stick?”
    Good job Mr. Dog.

  2. Thank you all!! Mr Dog and I are overwhelmed!

    Yes, Thetis, you speak very well for the furry ladies — we understand exactly what they’re saying (through you)!

    And indeed, Margaret, he’s fierce!

    Diana — he walks snobbishly when he’s got a stick in his mouth. Tail raised. Then he looks at me and wants me to talk about what a nice stick it is; and he trots along even more proudly. He’s particularly content if I jump a few steps in an enthusiastic manner. After a short while he finds somethint interesting to sniff and happily discards of the stick, forgetting all about it…

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