rosendal (thursday evening)

Evening sun. There were too much people there. Unusual for a Thursday evening, and the shops and the café were closed and all.

We’re not too far up north for vines! Though the climate allows only for certain kinds. A small lavender field in front.

And a frightening greenhouse floating about, especially for Diana. (Sorry! It’s just always… in the way. It possesses some kind of supersensible cunningness.)


3 thoughts on “rosendal (thursday evening)

  1. OMG that last one is a perfect example. It’s a lovely photo till you notice that damn greenhouse hovering back there! It really does appear to be floating, doesn’t it? It’s not just me?

  2. In that one, it really does appear to be floating, I agree! And then you have the rays of the low sun ‘electrifying’ the fluffy grass — like some kind of christmas tree illuminations!

    I’m actually highly entertained by the fact that the only vineyard in central Stockholm — I guess it *has* to be the only — is biodynamic. They grow seven types of grapes!

    I’ve just bought raspberry plants for a very special spot in front of the archipelago cottage. If the raspberries don’t succeed, I’m thinking: vines! We’ll grow vines. I think we have the perfect spot for it.

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