Oh, damn. I just realized I posted the terrorist post as post number 1000. I had planned something more appropriate, but I forgot all about it. We have to pretend the 1001st post is really the thing. I thought I’d post something with an ethereal feel to it. Like this (although, it has to be admitted, the ethereal kiosk is far more debauched… we can’t show those pictures…):

Or perhaps this one (familiar from the header):

And as this is, to some extent, a blog with odd anthroposophical inclinations (and with some ancient and famous anthros frequenting the ethereal kiosk, of course), I thought I’d include an anthro picture. Because it’s nice to have a piece of anthroposophical architecture hovering menacingly in the background (not true, Diana? ;-)).


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  1. “Because it’s nice to have a piece of anthroposophical architecture hovering menacingly in the background (not true, Diana? ;-)).”

    Oh, I didn’t read this before I posted :) I was just shaking my head at the third picture, thinking “It must be me, I’ve got to get over this” :)

  2. Haha! No, it was deliberate. That building does tend to hover suspiciously in photos; it looks like it’s about to attack. And I didn’t even shoot the pic in the evening sun, no menacing black backgrounds — it’s broad daylight!

  3. I swear every time I open it, it looks like the building is advancing, closer than the last time :)
    I am demented.

  4. I could easily trick you into thinking this by changing the photo. After all, I took several pictures — and I walked towards the building ;-)

    (But, no, I didn’t play tricks!)

    It’s funny how it looks like a creature. Ordinary buildings don’t do that.

  5. I guess the intention of the architect was to create something with an organic feeling in the kulturhus, and that can also include a feeling of ‘life’. So maybe that is why it has a feeling of being a creature.

  6. Existential angst 2.0. The fear of not existing online. Of being rejected by ahrimanic systems! No, just kidding.

    I’ll fix the signatures.

    It is, indeed, what the architect might have wanted. Then, of course, people make all kinds of associations — someone wrote that the anthro houses in Järna look like stranded UFOs. There’s something to that interpretation too. (And that’s not bad at all.)

  7. I have to admit that the Goetheanum itself has a bit of the Stranded UFO about it, when you see it in the concrete, squatting on the Dornach hill.

  8. These are very beautiful photos by the way.
    I agree with Diana about the colour contrasts.
    The autumn feeling has come to Hertfordshire – where I live – everything is seeding and turning yellow or brown.
    Fortunately I live in what the Daily Telegraph once described as ‘Dullsville, UK’ Our hooligans are so dull that they can’t be bothered to go out and smash up our town centre.

  9. Thank you! We’re having a lot of autumn feeling here now — colder, very rainy… (Though rain was certainly needed; it’s been dry.)

    And, yes, indeed, the Goetheanum looks a bit like a UFO. Or something from outer space. It is very special. I happen to think Steiner did something very cool with that. It’s not even easy to say if it’s ugly or beautiful or anything in between, it just *is*. In its own weird way. Certainly not dull. Far from it.

    I’ve read people think it looks like: http://seriewikin.serieframjandet.se/index.php/Fil:D%C3%B6dskallegrottan.png

    Or a hockey helmet.

    In one of his hilarious letters, Norwegian anthroposophist and author Jens Bjørneboe suggests that it could be donated to the state of Switzerland for use as a bunker. (Not because of its looks, necessarily, but those are his feelings about the AS. Anyway — it is slightly bunker-like.)

    ‘Our hooligans are so dull that they can’t be bothered to go out and smash up our town centre.’

    That’s a good thing! Because some of the pictures from the UK over the last few days — scary. Though I have this feeling that these rioting hooligans are mentally quite dull — thinking it’s ok to loot rather trivial consumer goods… there’s some sign of cultural (or why not spiritual! — lol) deficiency there. And it’s somehow dull. The whole situation is so… petty. Criminals who aren’t dull don’t go for such simple and short-lived pleasures. It’s not about economic value of things or anything… it’s just that looting or rioting because the opportunity arises is sort of cowardly… it’s in poor taste, by criminal standards. Oddly, I have a hightened sense of quality in this regard. I don’t like boring criminals. I expect something more creative than just nicking banal items because someone else just smashed a shop window.

  10. I think certain aspects of the G are damn cool. The big window at the front, the interior stairwells, the roof — these parts are beauty! The overall impression though… that’s, eh, more complicated. I’d like to see it again in real life.

  11. I have this impression but can’t check right now: that the roof is slate, not tin. Slate is lovely.

    Anyway — I really like the concrete too. It’s so brutal — such a contrast to all the pink stuff.

    The buildings in Järna are often wood. And too often are they too colourful. Some have this pink colour. Others are too blue. Like an ocean with extra pigment in it. No, I like raw concrete. And I love these iron grids that are used inside concrete structures. I was lucky to find one rusty and right sized such piece in a dumpster bag on the street — took it home and am using it for flowers. Interestingly, the anthro garden uses these, but much larger ones, as fences. I don’t why I say this. These aren’t visible at the Goetheanum anyway. But I saw a pic the other day — apparently rust from these concrete reinforcements is seeping through the concrete and making rust coloured markings on the facade.

    Also I think the shere size of the building, the architectural megalomania, is pretty cool.

  12. I don’t have anything against concrete, in fact we have a local concrete castle, built by an eccentric gentleman of the past century, Henry Mercer – some pics:


    more info on this dude:

    It can be done without brutality and giantism/megalomania.

    I am by no means completely turned off to the anthroposophic aesthetic in all possible manifestations – for instance, I love the puppet plays. The Goetheanum, however, turns me off COMPLETELY. I think it’s a monstrosity. As fascinated as I am with all anthroposophical lore, I don’t ever plan to visit the Goetheanum. I don’t think I could bring myself to go inside it. It’s something from a horror movie as far as I’m concerned.

    The first Goetheanum is not as bad, though it was still in the category of “only a mother could love,” I think.

  13. (Comment got stuck; had to help it through…)

    It *is* a monstrosity. I’m not sure it’s a bad thing or that it’s an ugly monstrosity. Perhaps a contradiction in terms.

    But if we talk ugly — I think of the Representative of man. The sculpture. *That* I’m somewhat horrified by.

    I’ve seen the G involuntary during a vacation. It must be almost 25 years ago. Reminded me a lot of my waldorf school. I wasn’t interested at all then, so… I didn’t really look.

    The Culture house in Järna, seen on the picture, hadn’t been built when I visited the place as a child. It’s fairly new.

    But tobe honest, I don’t remember much from these visits. I remeber the day when we were at the Goetheanum it was unbearably hot and sunny. We were renting a house on a mountain slope in Austria, not that far from the Swiss border. We had ice-cream in Dornach, I believe. Or some other small village. I remember the G was massive but I don’t even know if we went inside.

  14. That is a lovely castle!! Ordinarily, that’s more my style too — old, fairy-tale feeling almost. Timid. Cute. A different style.

    Steiner’s construction is that of a guru. It really is. Nothing timid about it. It says that anthroposophy will be of majestic importance. With the help of archangels and cosmic forces. Quite bold and probably quite mistaken too…

  15. I would LOVE to see the G (if we’re still talking about the same thing) if only for the adrenalin rush it would give me, as if making my way into enemy territory in a wig and a false moustache. I think if you and I go, Alicia, we should both wear Rudi masks. I don’t think we’re the same height at all, so we would look utterly ridiculous.

  16. Well, it’s not so bad — imagine what a boring sod Steiner would have been had he not suffered delusions of grandeur! I wouldn’t mind having a personal slice of that delusion myself.

  17. Thetis — haha!! There is a certain something to go to enemy territory. It’s quite nice, I’ve noticed. If you go as Rudi, I go as St Michael. If we both go as Rudi, we’ll raise suspicion…

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