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Now here’s something you don’t see every day! An anthro-style pizza oven. Well, you can bake other kinds of bread in it too, of course. There are more ovens over there, so make sure you explore the blog a bit. A few posts down, we have this one. This is even more ironic, because a couple of days I spent some time googling this topic — pizza ovens — and I thought maybe one can build a pizza oven outdoors, and would it be complicated? I found some stuff, but it didn’t occur to me to search for anthro pizza ovens. It simply didn’t cross my mind. How could I know there are workshops where you can learn how to build one!? Then along comes this news item, in my google reader. Actually, it was google alerts that had snapped up another post on the same blog — one post unrelated to ovens. I’m having a fantasy now — an outdoors pizza oven modelled after the Goetheanum. I mean — has it ever occurred to you how much the Goetheanum looks like a pizza oven? That door section at the ground floor level — if the individual doors are removed — is just perfect for sliding in a pizza. I wouldn’t go for the first Goetheanum though — it was built out of wood, which is most likely a shitty idea for an oven. The second Goetheanum is a proper concrete structure. I’m probably peckish, or something. I’d really like a pizza.


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  1. The oven or the Goetheanum? Not that I have an answe either way. But you might enjoy an image google of the Goetheanum heizhaus (boiler building)!

  2. I am pleased that my ovens can delight and bewilder on a number of levels.
    “The vagina”???
    How else can the elementals fertilize the pizza. Is baking bread not a (pro) creative process!
    Happy baking and please do send me photos of your Goetheanum oven.

  3. ‘How else can the elementals fertilize the pizza.’

    Thanks for the laugh — that’s hilarious! The thought of it is quite wonderful!

  4. ‘How else can the elementals fertilize the pizza.’

    Bwahaha, ouch my stomach aches, lmao! oh my effing god, that is priceless, you’re funny and need to comment here much more! :-D

    I bake my pizzas in an old broken standard electric oven with no handle, that sits near a heater so I need to take lift the lid off the hinges every time I want to open it – but it still bakes the best goddamn pizza pies ever. no shit, they are beyond contest. But I can assure you that no elementals are fucking with my dough in this bastion of atheism and rationality. I have put razors on top of every door so no spirits can enter and I have Darwin, Dawkins and Einstein portraits on the walls. OK, I made that last bit up :)

    Goetheanum Heizhaus – thanks for giving me nightmares. Its a freaking 30 meter fallos with balls and BARBS and a demon face! What on earth is going on?

  5. Again, all Steiner things have to look the same. From pizza ovens with vaginas to the Goetheanum. It’s such a basic error to think that Waldorf schools promote any kind of creativity, basic evidence is their ‘art’ itself that could be done by the same person.

  6. And they all (buildings et c) do indeed look very similar. It’s quite interesting though that Steiner’s first Goetheanum looked rather different from the first.

  7. Of the old one? Try google ‘first goetheanum’ or something. There’s a website rudolfsteinerweb dot something — lots of pics of both Gs. It’s a double-domed wooden structure.

    Pizza for lunch.
    And you?

    How often have you seen anthropophical art with a prominent vagina in it (if you see it that way) anyway?
    And how many of those vaginas have elemental fire beings residing in them?

  9. Envious! Of the pizza!

    Well, don’t think I ever saw such art. And to think that the first time would be on an oven! (Not that it occurred to me before my perceptive, skeptic friend pointed it out. I’m lacking slightly in imagination, I admit…)

    Pizza is borderline sinful for health conscious anthros… That alone…

  10. As for question one: I had spotted the phallus boiler building though. For what it’s worth. There’s a lecture by Steiner in which he speaks about the boiler house and its design. Interestingly, it’s a lot mor enlightening than one could imagine… well, I guess it helps having imagination when reading it.
    As for question two: I’m sure they all do!!

    An other interesting similarity between oven and boiler house: fire!!

  11. Thetis — no cult can be too carb based if the carbs come from pizza. In my humble opinion, which curiously enough is a reflection of spiritual truth. Of course, in caninosophy, pizza is a revered type of food. Mr D is devoted in particular to the archangel of pizza. A Dog of coursr.

  12. Damn. Typed reply, phone refused to post it. Retyping.

    Thetis — there’s no such thing as too carb-based cult. Not if the cultish carb is pizza. Nothing healthy is worthy of a cult, really. Canineosophy agrees. Mr D revers the archangel of pizza. A Dog of course.

  13. DUH! In the excitement I forgot that we already have the most fabulous outdoors oven. I usually don’t think of it as such, but it is an oven. I don’t know why I never photographed it, because it is really funny. It’s a 1920s or 30s construction — it’s gigantic (2 meters high) and supposed to imitate beer can: such as this:

    If one day the giants from outer space arrive, they will try to lift it up to drink ;-)

    Whether you could bake pizza in it, I don’t know.

  14. Ok, this is from now on officially the anthro pizza updates thread.

    Speisehaus am Goetheanum! –>

    ‘In einem organisch gestalteten Holzofen feuern wir täglich mit gut getrocknetem Buchenholz an. Auf würzig duftener Glut backen wir unsere dünne Bio Pizza.

    Wählen Sie aus zwischen Margherita, Napoli, Romana, Salami, Prosciutto, Picante, 4 Elemente, Rustical, Sry Lanca, Vegetariana oder stellen Sie sich Ihre Pizza nach Wunsch zusammen.’

    Edit: oh Dog, my desire for pizza just exploded. Well, food in general. I’m hungry.

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