8 thoughts on “path

  1. Two paths converged in a wood and I, I took the path less travelled by, and that meant I spent the afternoon taking leeches out of my trainers.

    True story – it happened in Sri Lanka. As I ran towards the real tourist path away from the leeches, waving my arms and wailing, I met a monk walking peacefully toward me IN FLIP-FLOPS. Oh fuckit, I thought, slowing down to a saunter, this is the measure of MY spirituality. Not that he asked me how I was, which was the measure of his.

    Tra la.

  2. Ah, well…some people might consider EVERY path a spiritual one!
    But this look like a good path for a four-legged canineosopher.

  3. Indeed, Thetis is right. It is great path for canineosophists, and luckily there are no leeches. It’s also true that, at least canineosophically speaking, every path on which you can meditate on bunnies is a spiritual path. He has not yet seen a path for which this is not possible.

  4. There are ticks though. Nasty bastards bothering the canine guru. He blames me for not being able to keep them away; it is my duty as a two legged canineosophist and servant. Ticks are such an unspiritual experience.

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