because they’re cute and for no other reason. (That’s all the reason you need, I’d say!) I was taking pictures of the moon, and then suddenly these adorable guys appeared out of nowhere, stepping onto our gravelly beach, completely unafraid of the weird human. My mother later told me that our next-door neighbours feed yummy tidbits to cute ducks. So maybe they expected me to serve them a feast of some kind.

(Oh, look, he’s scratching his tummy!!)

Truth be told, they moved too fast for my manual focus. Or, rather, I’m not quick enough. The fact that it was already quite dark outside made the conditions even more difficult for photographing lively ducks. I would have needed more light, preferably another aperture value and fast shutter speeds.

This phone pic was a bit cute too, so I’ll give you the link.


2 thoughts on “ducklings

  1. Luckily, mr Dog was indoors taking a nap. Or I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity for duckling photos… Mostly because the ducklings wouldn’t have found mr D lovely at all.

    After a day of activities, he decided I could have some time alone with the boring camera while he slept. It’s surprising, but I guess he feels more at home in the country house, and thus thinks it’s ok to stay indoors a while, because I’m going in and out all the time anyway, and he doesn’t have to bother. Before, he was really adamant he was going to be with me all the time, and have FUN!! Well, he’s realized not everything is fun all the time, not even in the countryside. So you might as well take the occasional nap.

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