evening walk, after a day of rain

It rained almost the entire day — until the evening, when it stopped. We were on a walk. This is what we saw. Well, not mr Dog, he was busy keeping an eye out for imaginary bunnies.

A low evening sun — long shadows!


3 thoughts on “evening walk, after a day of rain

  1. It is hard to believe that it is nearly autumn – we are only just over 3 weeks from the equinox (jämning). At first when I looked at the top image it reminded me of one of those ‘fractal’ images which one stares at and suddenly something takes form in it. But then what sturck me was the quality of the reflection in the water. What is above is like powerful surge of growth, catching the light and consequently quite dark under the upper foliage, whereas what appears in the water is like a calm echo except it has something of its own – little patches of sky.
    All the images are beautiful. The fourth and fifth ones have a lovely vitality even though one can know from the darker more opaque green of the tress that it is late summer.
    I imagine Mr. Dog had a glorious time rushing about in the damp undergrowth. You think he’s after bunnies – but it could be gnomes and undines! Maybe he is clairvoyant without your knowing!

  2. Thank you! It is very autumn like here now — temperatures are still quite high, and the air is not really autumn like yet, but mushrooms have popped up everywhere and some parts of the vegetation has turned red or brown.

    I love that pond — it has some exotic feeling. And it feels wild, although it’s not.

    ‘You think he’s after bunnies – but it could be gnomes and undines! Maybe he is clairvoyant without your knowing!’

    Oh, he is clairvoyant! Definitely. It’s the spiritual nose. Over the past few days he’s hunted one mouse and one frog (most beings he hunts I never see, but these two I saw). So I’m sure gnomes and undines might work too. In canineosophical spirituality, it is assumed that elemental beings (and all other beings that are not dogs and humans) are here for the purpose of being devoured. Of course. What could be more meaningful than ending up in a dog tummy.

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