Järna, July 2011. This lovely miniature house — cottage? outbuilding? I don’t know what it’s used for now or what it has been used for earlier — must have been there, I believe, long before the anthroposophists arrived. It is painted in Falu red. (See colour image below.) A bit scruffy. But absolutely adorable – just look at those windows!. I hope they take good care of it.

2 thoughts on “old

  1. The falun red weathers beautifully. Just look at the blood red fading into the pale grey of the pine. I like the middle one best with the road speaking of human activity round and about the little house.

  2. Yep, this colour is absolutely wonderful — it ages magnificently, and supposedly protects the wood too. (The contrast to modern, what are they called, plastic based colours is enormous. They fall off in big, horrid flakes. Plain ugly.) It just sort of fades in that lovely manner.

    There is quite a lot of human activity around here, of course. I wish the light had been coming in at a more beneficial angle on the middle photo — the way it did, harshly from behind me, it sort of flattened the landscape. (I’m a big fan of these small sand/gravel roads though — where grass is growing in the middle… So typical of the countryside.)

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