evening walk, august 31

This evening was cold — the air turning to ‘smoke’ when you breathe! it’s the first time after summer, and it feels so much like autumn –, and it had rained and the ground was muddy.

I read about this old apple tree — it will be 150 years old next year! — in a book recently, and was thrilled to be able to locate it.

Broccoli. The cabbage plantations smell funny after rain; they smell similar to rinsed broccoli and cauliflower at home, in the kitchen, but on a whole other level. The smell is everywhere, permeating the air.

The vines are turning red.

Poppies. And another green-house!

Apple on the ground.

Now I always think of you when I see that green-house, Diana! The flowers are lovely though. (The flowers on the two previous pics are from another field, though.)

Summer season is probably over now.


3 thoughts on “evening walk, august 31

  1. Not really worth the attention, but as our bus wasn’t to appear for several minutes, we walked a couple of bus stops and passed the theosophical bookshop/library. They had new books on display in the window. Here’s yours truly reflected in the window, accompanied by madame Blavatsky. (Phone pic.)

    me and blavatsky

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