toilets in keeping with the ethos

Thanks to ThetisMercurio who tweeted about this. The state-funded Steiner Academy in Hereford has toilets that are ‘dramatically brighter than most toilets’, apparently. How nice! Who doesn’t want dramatically brighter loos? Let’s turn to the project manager:

“They look great” she said “and fully in keeping with the ethos of the Steiner Academy”.

Well, that’s just splendid, the toilets are in keeping with Steiner ethos. I always wonder about their ethos.

Certain Steiner quotes on brain substance and poop come to mind. But I guess that’s not what she was thinking of.


9 thoughts on “toilets in keeping with the ethos

  1. do archangel need toilets? One asks oneself. What about tiny loos for gnomes? And do the Invisible Beings just use the hedges? (who would know?)

    The answers to these and other important questions about the spiritual world and the elemental needs of elementals are to be found in the Akashic Chronicles, under ‘P’.

  2. The invisible beings don’t really need the hedges, they poop in the middle of the eurythmy room and nobody sees them. Except clairvoyant anthroposophists who are appalled but don’t dare say anything because the topic is sensitive. I mean, if the beings could at least do something a little bit more noble… How do you say ‘there’s a supersensible entity shitting on our floor’ without being thought of as deranged by those who do not ‘see’?

  3. entire banking system is supersensible, isn’t it? By which I mean very little actual money exists – instead a great deal of essence of money, and people claim to be clairvoyant, or at least make predictions about this essence – moving it around in a fantastical way as if they are doing something real with actual material stuff.

    I was once told by a gnome (I was holding it over a sleeping troll by one foot at the time) that archangels use only sancti-money. But I rarely trust the smaller elementals.

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