järna 2010

I found, in a folder on the computer, some pictures I took in Järna last year but that I never came around to posting. And somehow, now, the photos from this year seems more interesting, so I think it’s better to get the old ones out of the way. And because I’m utterly mad, I’ll post them now! If I’ve posted some of them before — I believe I have not, though — I ask for forgiveness; they’ve been filed in the wrong folder! In a way, maybe one should have a place where one goes only once a year. It ought to make it possible to see progress more easily. On the other hand, that place had better not be Järna; perhaps something more neutral.

No, the facades of all the buildings are not wood, just most of them. Some facades are plastered. I like that much more, but that’s got a lot to do with the fact that the wooden facades are often painted in hideous colours.

Extraordinary number of right-angled windows on that building — isn’t there? Didn’t strike me before, but they’re all… so square!

See! The reflected trees. I like that. And the pot. Or the vase. Whatever it is. I recognize it anyway. Or at least it’s very similar to a piece of swedish pottery that is classic.