emergency exits

reading my rss-feed, I happened upon this very anthroposophical emergency exit sign photographed at the Goetheanum. This other emergency exit sign is even funnier, but perhaps less anthroposophical. Oddly, the yellow sign reads, predictably: ’emergency exit’, but the green sign reads: ‘Emergency exit. Ladies’ rest room. Please only use in case of emergency.’ This one’s an emergency exit for eurythmists dressed as clowns. And what about this ‘demons “evil”‘ box back stage of the Goetheanum stage? This is an interesting photo of something — the building construction? I don’t know. Or this one? In any case, I wouldn’t mess with this guy. There are also many architecture photos, like this. I recommend browsing through all the photos from the anthroposophical community in Dornach.

And finally, saving the best for last, a truly useful sign: ‘Escape this way’. Is that the magic door leading back to the real world? The escape route to reality?


6 thoughts on “emergency exits

  1. Who would have thought that health and safety signage could be so interesting? :-)

    I actually dreamt I visited the Goetheanum last night. (I haven’t for real, but would like to.) The lobby area was stunningly beautiful and full of light. Further in, it resembled the construction shot you found or the one with industrial looking pipes hanging everywhere, like an unfinished building site. The further you ventured into the building, the darker and more nightmarish it became. Hmmmmm…

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