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Thetis (explains what she saw with her clairvoyant eye when she coined the invaluable term — the ethereal kiosk — for the place that is this blog, or at least the nice parts of it, some parts probably constitute the refuse chamber or something or the dump outside the fence… every kiosk’s got to have these too… well, never mind about them):

When I wrote the original comment I thought of Steiner wandering around Alicia’s blog (the only internet site with a foyer) rather like being in the National Theatre in London, with lots of theatrical events happening in different theatres (posts – comments) the occasional exhibition (photos, sometimes photos of his own stuff) and cafes, including the ethereal kiosk, outside which they are playing recorded music, possibly Abba or the Divine Comedy. The ethereal kiosk serves the best ice-cream, and here he meets Saul Bellow and other associates he may or may not have ever known, and they talk and laugh about old times.

Of course, on the outside, the ethereal kiosk is very small, just a pop-up floating shop, but INSIDE – well it’s vast. It LOOKS insignificant but only if you have no imagination and indeed, no sense of the absurd.

It is the bathos of an ethereal kiosk. Not a palace, or one of My Father’s many mansions, but a test of the ability to suspend disbelief.

On the other hand, you can just call by for ice-cream ;)


I actually dreamt I visited the Goetheanum last night. (I haven’t for real, but would like to.) The lobby area was stunningly beautiful and full of light. Further in, it resembled the construction shot you found or the one with industrial looking pipes hanging everywhere, like an unfinished building site. The further you ventured into the building, the darker and more nightmarish it became. Hmmmmm…


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  1. The kiosk certainly has a corner for me, with a deep red crushed velvet wing backed armchair and small side table for my smoking acoutrements (possibly a freestanding ashtray with a green marble stem…), as it exists outside of the smoking ban reality clearly I could sit, swathed in a cloud of bluish smoke, appearing to read whilst intently people watching. Clearly no-one would approach me due to my aura of mysterious beligerance.

  2. You have understood the concept perfectly, Esther — there is definitely such a corner!

    No smoking bans, we’re in the ethereal realm, after all. The only ban that can be upheld here is the ban against boring bans. I seem to remember we banned eurythmy, but luckily we haven’t banned contradiction (that would be quite impossible).

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