This moomin cartoon strip was in the newspaper a few days ago (September 4th, only the paper version).

Moomin mum says, speaking to two rivalling prophets (the odd looking dudes without the typical round snouts of the moomin):

– Now you must stop fighting immediately!

– Be silent and come home for a cup of tea instead.

– Sure, your teachings are nice, but, you see, they are a little bit unpractical for regular people.

It’s one strip in a series, and one is more hilarious than the other. The moomin have fallen for a cult leader apparently, and change their lifestyle accordingly, but regain reason and sanity in the end, partly thanks to  general disappointment and partly thanks to the moomin mum (who seems to have been away for some reason; unfortunately I didn’t follow it from the start).


4 thoughts on “prophets

  1. I myself have apparently been a cult-leader for the last few days, and it wasn’t much fun falling over my adoring acolytes every time I walked out of the house. I told them all to go away and find something else to do, and of course they did exactly that, because I told them to. I advise all gurus to do the same.

    So, good to see the Moomin mother is as sensible as I am – or as my venerable Indian friend Ved, who says: “All these gurus have women behind the temple.’ She doesn’t say what the women are doing, knitting, possibly.

  2. I’m envious. I think I will lock my tweets so that I can be a cult leader and trip over adoring acolytes too. It would be fun, for a day or two. Then I have to go back to following my guru, mr Dog. Can’t be a cult-leader full time.

    Moomin mother is very sensible.

  3. He’s more guru than you need, honestly. Luckily, since ballooning season is over, he’s temporarily stopped preaching the evils of hot-air balloons. Now we have other issues topping the agenda.

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