spiritual-scientific break-through

Biodynamic farmers and gardeners have finally succeeded in cultivating proper BD tin-foil hats. As we all know, don’t we, tin-foil hats are made from the flowers of certain plants… and I, and intrepid spiritual-science detective nose, mr Dog, found the hard evidence, as it were, on our walk this evening…

Usually, I return home with nice photos from Rosendal. Of course, I did so this evening too. But the nice and pretty photos pale in comparison. What we’re seeing here is progress!

PS. Sorry I haven’t had time to look at blog comments this evening. I will, but it might have to wait ’til tomorrow actually. It’s getting late. Had too much to do; walking, giving mr D (an unwanted) bath, picking up blueberries and newspapers from my parents, et c, et c…


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