the free flowing vibrant energy and the power of the sycamore tree

Thanks to friends who found this extraordinary gem, it’s almost a little fairytale actually and quite amusing. It is in a newsletter published by Exeter Steiner School. For some reason (why? don’t ask me), they need clearing; and apparently this requires some pretty remarkable rituals to be performed.

The Parents’ Friends Group are holding a Clearing ceremony in the last week of the holidays (w/c 29th August) to clear the energetic space of the School. The aim is to disperse any stuck energy and make space for free flowing, vibrant energy from which our community can grow in every way.

The grounds of our school holds us all and in particular our children in mind, body and spirit each day and as we are all current custodians of this land it feels important to honour it and invoke energy that promotes and sustains this holding. It seems from some parents’ work that the sycamore tree in the centre of the School is the focus of the energetic process of the school and the aim will be to help restore its energy. The ceremony will involve bringing a candle to the sycamore tree and making a circle round it. We will then dance, sing and make music around the tree. Our next step will be to walk the perimeter of the school three times to invoke a protective field around us. Finally we will bring the Children’s Fire to the tree and as parents, teachers, guardians, we will write the intentions we have for our children and the community and put them into the fire to bring them to life. Children are welcome to join the ceremony.

My inner spiritual eye lets me imagine what this event might have looked like: it is outstandingly comical. Let’s hope the sycamore appreciates the efforts, though I never before heard of a tree that enjoys singing and dancing; they don’t do things like that themselves (and most trees are slightly afraid of lighted candles, perceiving them as threats to life and limb, actually — if I were the sycamore, I’d be concerned about the Steiner folks plan to bring not only candles but fire to me). But isn’t it a bit odd to put things — even intentions — in the fire to bring them to life? I thought you did this procedure with stuff you wanted to relieve yourself of. Of course the children can’t write their own intentions; they are Steiner educated, after all. One might also ask how the clearing organizers concluded that walking the perimeter thrice is enough, but I guess it’s a fairytale number quite suited for the purpose. And can this protective field be measured by spiritual science? Is it like a larger type of tin-foil hat, one appropriate for the protection of the group-soul?


PS. Almost right after the clearing ritual information, there’s a little creation myth. Apparently, this mythical being, Atsytsyakayon’s daughter, met Cloud Man, and she

had never seen a man before and she fainted. While she slept, Cloud Man placed two arrows over her, the four winds blew and new life began inside her.

Well, it’s amazing what might happen when you fall faint from seeing a man. The big mystery, though, is how you pronounce the names of the main characters of this myth. The daughter dies from unfortunate consequences of bizarre child-birth, and Atsytsyakayon then buries her and plants tobacco upon her corpse. Like in any ordinary family.


38 thoughts on “the free flowing vibrant energy and the power of the sycamore tree

  1. Oh dear. I thought this was something a bit extraordinary even for waldorf/steiner schools. I guess it would all be very serene, and nobody would dare start laughing even if laughter was the most appropriate instinct…

  2. the same the world over!

    Oh, what must the neighbours make of these people?

    ‘And can this protective field be measured by spiritual science?’ If you say it can, it can. Whatever you like.

    It does make you wonder though, what kind of dog peed on their tree? (this time)

  3. Maybe the tree has had canineosophical influences of the yellow kind, ha! This renders all types of anthrosophical (and other human-spiritual) purgings quite ineffective. Obviously!

    I can’t remember anything like this; I wonder if waldorf is getting wackier. Not the best development…

  4. Holy crap! How I wish I could be there, however I feel that I may also end up giving the tree a little yellow gift as I travel around it singing ring-a-ring-a-roses and pissing myself laughing. Made my evening!

  5. The Rev Erasmus, (Doctor of Felinosophy), mewled in a disgruntled manner that on this occasion he felt he had no option but to agree with Mr Dog on this point. He is now sitting, sulking, with his back to me. I fear he is considering sleeping in a box to allay his guilt, but am sure he will leave an offering of rabbit guts in the garden for the gnomes.

  6. ‘Clearly, *all* the cat’s doing is licking his arse,’ mutters mr Dog, knowing that a cat’s agreement with him would be a significant blow to his self-esteem.

  7. The Rev Erasmus feels very offended that he entered into debate in a friendly manner and was denigrated in this way by a creature that eats it’s own shit. He is sharpening his claws against the nearest sycamore tree.

  8. Mr Dog, who doesn’t eat shit unless it’s someone else’s (not a dog’s), has made it a habit to offend cats. ‘I’ll rost you on a sycamore tree fire!!’ he would yell. ‘And eat you with gravy!’

  9. He woke up way too early, clearly distraught. I thought his annoying behaviour over the last few days had to do with fur girls. But now he says cats are doing black magic on him. From a distance.

  10. Rev Erasmus would like to wish Thetis and Diana a very good night as he is now off to perform his nightly rituals. He also sends a rubsniff to Alicia with a sly wink. He is off to find a tree to climb up three times while singing to the moon in order to aid his ascendency through the clerical orders.

  11. I must protest in the strongest possible terms about the degeneration of this thread from the original note of farce, to furry. Time was that this blog was the repository of spiritual wisdom. We’ll be hearing from hamsters next!

  12. It may be the only way in which he can ascend. Perhaps we should ask Mr Gove if he would like a go on the ethereal swing?

  13. That would surely lead to a Daily Mail article where Gove has to deny inappropriate relations with a member of the clergy. Ha!

  14. And if he denied it, he would contract the fury of the cat community. And you don’t want that. Bad relations with cats can cause all sorts of evil. Ask mr Dog.

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