evening walk, september 19 (photos)

(Sorry, I have run out of imagination for post titles.)

This one looks so strange, and seems like it all has been arranged — it hasn’t. At least not by me. The building is partly greenhouse, partly some kind of tent. I like how the tree behind me reflects on the right side of the photo. It also intrigues me how it looks just like the building has no ceiling. It most certainly does; it’s some other peculiar reflection that causes the illusion.

The city — Östermalm — seen from Djurgården.

There are some poppies in the entangled flowery mess. I particularly like the droplets of water — but they’re sadly barely visible on this size of the photo.

An apple on a table in the orchard. It was just there. I don’t know why.

It was already very dark. There weren’t many people in the restaurant, and the tables outdoors have probably been abandoned for good for this season. Maybe on a sunny day… Not a great picture, but a rather nice atmosphere.


4 thoughts on “evening walk, september 19 (photos)

  1. The top image is quite surreal. In this composition there is a quality of immanence. The glasses are ordered in an almost martial way and might be watching the white flowers which are creeping towards them. Be careful, you may be turning into a mystic and end up dwelling in the ethereal kiosk!

  2. Ha! I suspect I already am.

    I agree it’s surreal — I almost had this feeling that someone set this up, the whole arrangement is so odd. How did the glasses end up like that, so near each other? What’s the flower doing there, creeping up against the glasses? And often glasses seem to be standing on a tray — not this time. Or there’s lots of other junk on the table. But this is so clean.

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