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seaside adventures & evenings in the kiosk

The weather was sunny and unusually mild on the day Thetis, in the most dramatic way, approached Sandön — one of the archipelago outposts farthest away in the Baltic sea — with sea-weed in her hair. Once ashore, she demanded to meet the local elementals. We spoke to the gnomes and the fairies, had lunch […]


‹Der Anthroposophische Bilderrahmen› lautet der Titel der am 3. Oktober 2011 in Dornach eröffneten Ausstellung. Sie zeigt vorwiegend leere Rahmen, nur einige Exponate beinhalten die Bilder, für die die Rahmen gefertigt wurden – eine kunstgeschichtliche Premiere, die erstmals ‹anthroposophische› Bilderrahmen in großer Vielfalt und herausragenden Exemplaren würdigt und kontrastreich im und zum östlichen Rohbautreppenhaus des […]


This is anthroposophical jewellery. Or so I think. Does anyone have an explanation for these items? One of them looks like a skull with red eyes and another one like the face of a blue-eyed alien (or is it grey? purple?). Anyway, this (below) is parts of the Sloterdijk talk; the screenshot above is from […]

knitting socks

Speaking of Diana’s comment the other day. On a recent Tuesday, Andie Eagle and her fifth-grade classmates refreshed their knitting skills, crisscrossing wooden needles around balls of yarn, making fabric swatches. It’s an activity the school says helps develop problem-solving, patterning, math skills and coordination. The long-term goal: make socks. This is from an article […]


Shared by AWSNA on facebook: “If you’ve had the experience of binding a book, knitting a sock, playing a recorder, then you feel that you can build a rocket ship-or learn a software program you’ve never touched. It’s not bravado, just a quiet confidence. There is nothing you can’t do. Why couldn’t you? Why couldn’t […]


reading recommendation! Three years ago he began, together with other teachers, to set up the anthroposophic track at the Ort High School in Tivon. Anthroposophy is a worldview founded in the early 20th century by philosopher and mystic Rudolf Steiner, who tried to build a cosmic spiritual world in accordance with the needs of modern […]

kingdom of childhood (novel)

This is most likely not literature of the more sublime kind. I don’t actually think it’s worth reading, but still…* Initial critiques of Bowie resident Rebecca Coleman’s manuscript “The Kingdom of Childhood” suggested it was too dark. When protagonist Judy McFarland, 43, becomes involved in a sexual relationship with Zach, 16, a student at the […]


We went on a little excursion, mr Dog and I. It didn’t work out very well. There was too much mud, I had the wrong shoes, mr Dog ate horse manure and hyperactively jumped around in every direction. It was cold and windy. Public transportation was horrible. I hadn’t brought a map either, which added […]

off the hook

Steiner schools in New Zealand are off the hook over standards, ensures their minister of education. That means, they don’t have to adhere to them. And Steiner school students don’t get a chance to learn what children in other schools are privileged enough to learn. The letter said the special character of the school would […]

the fiery thought king of the universe

ok, I’ve been reading too much junk today and won’t be able to read this entire article thoroughly to the end now (my eyes, sorry, but I’ve tried to skim it), but since I promised (see comments) I’d post a link to it today, I will. It’s about the dragon-slaying archangel, Michael, of course (St […]

fire breathers

‘A teacher: But there are still the fire breathers. Dr. Steiner: Yes, those beasts, they did breathe fire, the Archaeopteryx, for example. A teacher: You mean that animals whose bones we see today in museums still breathed fire? Dr. Steiner: Yes, all of the dinosaurs belong to the end of the Tertiary Period. Those found […]

a warning to gnomes in Frome

The application for state-funding of Frome Steiner school has gone through. Gnomes need be cautious and should preferably, if circumstances permit, stay far away from the Frome area. As Thetis points out, ‘The state-funded Steiner teachers will be out hunting from today.’ Frome Steiner school announces that: “Our dream is a reality – Free Steiner […]


New York Times calls anthroposophy gobbledygook. Marion Mahony, an M.I.T.-trained architect, made Frank Lloyd Wright’s early career possible. In the early 1900s she spent a decade producing renderings that kept his clients enthralled, despite his scandalous personal life. She drew borders of dense forests and flowers around his dry floor plans and facade proposals. […] […]

flight of fancy

am chuckling at this Goetheanum entry in an online travel guide: It’s as though a flight of fancy had swooped down upon the hillside to hatch the edifice. The building currently houses the Anthroposophical Society and the School of Spiritual Science founded by Rudolf Steiner. It’s possible to enter and explore the building – the […]

colour and snail

Large version.

steiner och negerromanen

Jag vill ge lite uppmärksamhet åt — och tipsa eventuella bloggläsare om — detta då det ju är viktigt, tror jag, att detta ämne ändå berörs. I all synnerhet från antroposofiskt håll. Det handlar om ett stycke som ströks ur en svensk utgåva av GA 348, publicerad för 20 år sedan. GA 348 hör hemma […]

because i can’t

annoy my facebook acquaintances by posting the link to this youtube-film again, I’ll pester you with it. Now, is this in major or in minor? I have no idea. Does major or minor apply to pop music at all? This live version is a bit different from the album version. And I’ve listened to the […]

archipelago sunset

Yes, banal. Post-card kind of view.


Summer returned. These have been wonderful days. Even the nights were warm (the temperatures resembled a night in july!), but very dark. Sure, there were signs of autumn. But it suddenly didn’t feel like autumn. The archipelago is lovely this time of year; it’s pretty empty and deserted, especially compared to summer. We walked in […]


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