Summer returned. These have been wonderful days. Even the nights were warm (the temperatures resembled a night in july!), but very dark. Sure, there were signs of autumn. But it suddenly didn’t feel like autumn. The archipelago is lovely this time of year; it’s pretty empty and deserted, especially compared to summer. We walked in the darkness of night. I watched stars. I sat by the beach, listening to the silence, watching a black, calm surface of water. In the darkness, it feels vast.  (That’s not the beach on the photo, from thursday, by the way. It’s the shrubbery on the empty plot of land nextdoors.) It also feels almost magic when all that water calms down, when all becomes still. What’s more, I think I’m addicted to the silence. I’m not happy about being back in town. The sea was very blue earlier today. I love the soft texture of salt water, and how, if you splash your face, you get that taste of salt on your lips. (The baltic sea is not as salt as the big oceans — but it’s salty.)


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  1. It is lovely. Of course, mr D also rolled in rotten poo. That wasn’t equally lovely. Though the mrs Dogs might have liked that kind of perfume, perhaps…

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