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Three years ago he began, together with other teachers, to set up the anthroposophic track at the Ort High School in Tivon. Anthroposophy is a worldview founded in the early 20th century by philosopher and mystic Rudolf Steiner, who tried to build a cosmic spiritual world in accordance with the needs of modern man. While doing so, he established foundations for various practices that operate in light of man’s spiritual understanding, such as medicine, drama, art, agriculture, architecture, politics, economics and education.

In Tivon there is a veteran anthroposophic community, but until recently there was no post-elementary anthroposophic educational framework, and those who wanted to study in such a high school traveled to the Waldorf High School at the anthroposophic Kibbutz Harduf. Levy has a deep family connection to anthroposophy. “My grandmother Hava Levy, who died this year, was one of the first anthroposophists in Israel, so I was familiar with it from home. When I was older, I began independent research and studied for an introductory year at Harduf. But I wouldn’t describe myself as anthroposophical. On the other hand, I wouldn’t describe myself at all, not as anything else either. This is the path on which I have found myself in my present incarnation, and I’m enriched by this worldview – even if at the same time I reject overly comprehensive theories.”

I’m particularly intrigued by the play (a scandal, it was said, see the section The devil and the play: ‘The shocked spectators, parents and teachers, stormed the stage and began digging with their hands in order to rescue the actress’) and how he contrasts waldorf education with state education. (The latter is materialistic, teachers are totally unindependent, poetry is quantified, et c.) Very instructive. Oh, and Lucifer and Ahriman is there, too.