This is anthroposophical jewellery. Or so I think. Does anyone have an explanation for these items? One of them looks like a skull with red eyes and another one like the face of a blue-eyed alien (or is it grey? purple?). Anyway, this (below) is parts of the Sloterdijk talk; the screenshot above is from that film. Watch it! In the beginning, they show various anthroposophical items.


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  1. It looks like Anthroposophical jewelry has the distinction of being made exclusively by either amateurs or children.

  2. Well, it doesn’t have the exquisiteness one would otherwise often expect from jewellery… It is to jewellery what the Goetheanum is to architecture ;-) (Brutal.)

  3. Surprising if anthroposophists are going in for merchandising. What next gnome mugs?
    The jewellery looks like what you see in the window of those shops where goths go in and out.

  4. Haha! I wouldn’t hesitate a second to buy gnome mugs!

    But they *do* go in for merchandising… not this kind of jewellery perhaps, but other items.

  5. “It is to jewellery what the Goetheanum is to architecture” – or Waldorf is to education. Seemingly plain and simple in appearance but with lots of hidden symbolism, meaning and intent.

  6. BTW, I used to make spiritual jewelry. I would design the gem stones to be cut into facets that had proportions relating to sacred geometry. That was back in my spiritual days, of course. Thinking back… a psychic once told me I am one of 9 most powerful spiritual beings on the planet today. Obviously, my purpose here is to expose false prophets. ;)

  7. I thought you were selling jewellery. It’s the sort of thing you could do from a kiosk.

  8. Certainly! But this kiosk would sell something prettier, I think. Not that I know jewellery but I feel that those pieces, however adorable in their strangeness, don’t quite cut it. We could have a few just as curiosities, but other than that… no. Something more exquisite and ethereal would be needed.

  9. I must confess, I have always hankered after a real proper anthroposophical gold ring, with a lovely green citrine in it or something like that. Magic! Have never been able to find one. I find this kind of jewelry so beautiful, with its lashings of pure metal, hand hammered into natural shapes and beautiful semi and precious stones. But this is not a good photo. Where can I buy one?

  10. I have no idea, unfortunatey! Not sure these have ever been in production on any larger scale (however small). I suppose a metal crafts person — what’s it called? a smith? — might be able to manufacture something similar, but it needs to be someone familiar with anthroposophical aesthetics. It’s possible, even, that there are anthroposophical shops selling similar items, but I don’t know. They often sell bracelets and stuff made from semi-precious stones, but I can’t remember seeing anything of typical anthroposophical design…! And usually there’s no gold.

    (If you find something cool, I’d be delighted to hear about it!)

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