where am I?

at a waldorf education conference:

The day started with a lecture on the life forces, soul forces and ego. Three simple questions were put across that we all found quite difficult to answer. The questions were: Where am I? What am I? Who am I? […]

After the lecture we had a tea break which was followed by some movement. All of us had to participate in some clapping, stamping and counting exercises. […]

We learnt that getting in contact with our higher self means opening up to the divine world. To develop ourselves we have to keep a certain discipline. […] We also came to the realisation that for us to develop ourselves we have to look at ourselves honestly and understand our temperaments and feelings. We must be masters of our emotions. Emotions do not teach us but real feelings do.

NNA on learning to look at the self in Nairobi.


2 thoughts on “where am I?

  1. Nothing wrong with clapping and stomping, but…

    Anyway, again waldorf education seems more like a project for self development and self dicsovery than as… education.

    As for feelings and emotions, I’m absolutely certain that emotions, too, can teach us a whole lot of things. Whether or not we master them.

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