VII: seven

Seven, as you know, is a sort of magic number. There are the seven-year cycles of the human life, so famous (and infamous) in waldorf education. The natures of man are seven: physical, etheric, astral, I, spirit self, life spirit, spirit man. There are seven planetary conditions and seven states of consciousness. The seven seals (in Steiner’s rendition). Seven degrees of initiation. There are several principles in man, seven planes and, most importantly, seven main epochs (and, thus, ‘seven leading Archangels‘). Around an important object of meditation, the rosy cross, you’re recommended to envision seven red roses. One root-race consists of seven sub-races. The earth’s incarnations are seven, as hinted at above, and the number is also relevant for the examination of human incarnations:

By starting with the incarnation of a man of the present day and looking back at his three former incarnations it is possible to draw certain conclusions concerning his next three incarnations. The three former and the present incarnations, plus the three following make seven again. Seven is a clue for everything that happens in time.

And as it is now the twelfth month of they year, it’s worth noting that there’s a ‘certain relation between the numbers seven and twelve’.

These numerological exercises all pale, however, when you learn that the seventh day in the twelfth month of the year is my birthday. The year was 77; let’s leave out the nineteen for aesthetical reasons. Seven minutes to seven (my mother has kept the small piece of paper with the details — she was also struck by the cosmic coincidence, although she never termed it so!). I actually think the number seven is beautiful — not only visually, but also the sound of it, both in swedish and english. As is the twelfth month, december. And not only that, according to Steiner, the human being has twelve senses! 

And as a bonus: last year, on the weekend before december 7th, this is what the world looked like (the snow came early and stayed for many months last winter):

Edit: I just had to add this. ‘Die Gesamtentwicklung der zukünftigen Menschheit findet ihren Abschluß in der 7. Stufe, die durch das Pentagramm repräsentiert wird.’ [Pdf.] Remember I talked about the pentagram the other day?