street in low winter sun

Mid-day, around 1 pm. Long shadows!


15 thoughts on “street in low winter sun

  1. Thank you! (I’m a bit angry with all those people who refuse to look as vintage as I would like them to ;-)) Do you recognize the street? (Well, of course you do! Silly question!)

  2. Even I recognize the street … or at least, I recognize the gutters or drain ditches or whatever you call them. Awhile back you posted a close-up phot of one of those.

  3. Diana — the close-up was actually one of the ‘cracks’ in the asphalt, where the old cobblestones suddenly became visible, but on another street! I think they’ve mended that hole now. This is another street (my street) and for some reason the gutters are decorated with cobblestones and, as you can see, the asphalt is not intact… showing cobblestones too. I think the council is leaving it like that because they’re going to do something about the entire street soon — the lower part (with the cobblestone gutters) is pedestrian, but cars don’t respect it at all, so something is going to change. I like the cobblestones, I’d wish they’d remove the asphalt… but they won’t, of course. Or maybe there’ll be flat & boring concrete ’tiles’ or something.

    mika — thanks!

  4. Cracks me up when you can think of the English word for something faster than I can. “Cobblestones” just wasn’t coming to mind.

  5. I didn’t arrive at it directly though: I first thought ‘pebblestones’ which for some reason sounded wrong, yet not completely wrong, so I checked it up, from swedish to english, and got the correct word… Ironically, I have now suddenly and mysteriously forgotten the word in swedish, so I may have to take the same procedure in reverse.

  6. I mean, you would have known the word more reliably than me if you had identified the concept, I would think. I knew what I was going to say but not the exact word, just some approximation I’m glad I didn’t post because being reminded of the right word, ‘pebblestones’ sounds so ludicrous.

  7. It is a beautiful sequence of images. There is a real feeling of depth in the last one. I also like the way the silhouetted figures have a very dynamic quality especially in the first three.

  8. Anonymous above is me, Falk. I don’t understand why I keep appearing anonymously as my name and e-mail appear in the little box below, ‘Leave a comment’.

  9. I’ll edit in your name. That’s very strange, by the way. Can you empty the boxes and fill it in again? Just in case it helps… (I don’t know. It does seem odd that the name is there and then not there anyway.)

    And thanks! The low sun is a bit magic, and now the sun is really low, when it’s up at all, that is… It does things to people’s contours, among other things.

  10. When I edited I saw that in the boxes I can see from the wordpress dashboard, your email appeared in the email-box. So reentering the name in the name-box might be sufficient. If it helps, that is. It might not. But hopefully it does.

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