XV: plays

To help prepare children for a lifetime of appreciating worlds higher than their own personalities and material surroundings, soon after its founding in 1919, teachers at the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart presented the Oberufer Christmas plays as a gift to their students. This practice has spread widely, so that today the plays are performed at hundreds of Waldorf Schools worldwide. In their sensitive mixture of joy, humor, and piety, their universal appeal complements and transcends whatever formal religious training the children might receive at home. [Source; the Anthroposophical Society of America.]

I don’t think there exists waldorf schools where the christmas plays aren’t performed, without exception (I think) by the teachers. They aren’t so bad; I even remember them a little. Very little. I remember the ‘posters’ announcing these plays in that school I attended. I think they were textile, one was deep blue. Or maybe it was green? Not that I ever caught on to the purpose of the plays: preparing me for knowledge of higher worlds. You may enjoy reading this document as well, by the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum (there’s an empty page in it, don’t be fooled, it continues), and this lecture by Steiner himself. (Last year I posted a couple of quotes.) If you live in London, you can go see them at the Rudolf Steiner House on december 18.


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  1. Aha, I wondered what the Oberufer plays were all about!

    I’m really enjoying your series of ‘Anthroposophical Advent Calendar’ articles, Alicia.

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