XX: snow

‘The snow which for present-day man is nothing but frozen water was at that time experienced as the garment the earth dons in order to shut itself off from the cosmos and develop an individually-independent life within that cosmos. The human being felt: Now, indeed, the earth soul has so intimately united with the earth, man must turn his soul-nature to what lives in the earth. In other words, the snow cover became transparent for man’s soul. Below it he felt the elementary beings which carry the force of plant-seeds through winter into spring.’ [Steiner says.]

This next one is a bit obscure. To say the least. And that is to say something, given the quote above.

‘When one has insight into all this, when one sees how this moral coldness holds sway in the spiritual world, one will also know how to judge the relation between this spiritual cold and the physical cold here below. The physical cold which we find in snow and ice is only the physical image of that moral-spiritual cold which is there above. If we have them both before us, we can compare them. While man is being relieved in this way from human misunderstanding and human hatred, one can follow with the spiritual eye how he begins to lose his form, how this form more or less melts away.’ [Source.]

It appears that, up here in the north, we’re looking forward to a christmas without snow this year.Although it looked like this in the forest yesterday…

… the snow has nowhere close to the quality of last year. It’s watery and melts immediately. In the city itself, there’s no snow at all — except a few traces still left on the roofs. And that’s the only snow that has fallen this year. Instead: rain, rain and more rain. (Just in case anyone misunderstands it: that’s not a gnome on the photo. It’s a soaked and by now slightly miserable mr Dog.) In short, this winter is very different from the last. Perhaps this winter is more normal, at least as far as the rain goes. But I’d almost got used to very long and cold winters. This year, for the days after christmas, the weather forecast predicts +8 degrees C. Last year, we didn’t experience above zero temperatures for months. The snow seemed permanent.

There will be no frozen water and, for the earth, no shutting off from cosmos. And I guess our spiritual cold won’t melt away as easily as the snow melts in the present climate.


5 thoughts on “XX: snow

  1. Beautiful pics.

    Wow – we don’t know from “quality” snow here. Snow is here. Your snow looks fine to me :)

  2. Thank you!

    We like dry powdery snow. I’m not sure how common it is though. The last two winters were exceptional.

    The first photo is from last year. The second from a small part of the forest where the snow still looked ok. On closer inspection, though, it was so much water it can’t last. As snow.

  3. I think the warm damp winters are the exception for Stockholm. My Canadian friends tell me they also have dry powdery snow.

  4. They’re usually dry — the air is dry. The air is dry now. (Or so my hands tell me.) But I think quite often it’s around zero or just below, and then the snow isn’t powdery. That happens closer to -10. Around zero, the snow is wet. But the last two winters… oh dear. They were so long and cold. They changed the concept of winter. Or so it felt. When Melanie was here two months ago I warned her it might snow and be cold!! And the first wet snow slush didn’t appear until a few days ago… and is now gone.

    This is a recent weather forecast: http://on.fb.me/rTwT56 … but that is quite odd! Even though it happens occasionally.

    I prefer to have snow in december and no snow in january/february. Unforunately, it might still snow, but later when it’s not that welcome.

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