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So, yesterday it finally arrived. Endstation Dornach, the book. I can’t say much yet — not that it matters, nobody reads the blog right now anyway! you’re probably all too busy with christmas stuff, right? –, because I’m only on page 55. (I remember I wrote a short post earlier this year. But at that time, it was still pretty unclear what would happen, if there would even be a book. But, yay!, it happened.) So, anyway, I won’t say much except that so far it’s been a pleasurable read. I’d like to quote a part of a passage from the preface, just because it might tempt you to read the book for yourselves (and one should always be tempted to read books, isn’t that right?):

… so müsste einmal über Anthroposophie gesprochen werden: aus einer sehr relaxten, witzigen, leicht arroganten, ab und an ironishen, in jedem Fall sowohl sitanzierten als auch teilhabenden und tabulosen Haltung heraus. Also: ganz normal eben, so, wie man über Dinge und Sachverhalte heute zu sprechen pflegt. Und vor allem: unterhaltsam und zum Do-it-yourself-Denken anregend.

If this is not enough to tempt you, I suggest you read this comment. Nuff said.

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  1. Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada. I recently came across your blog and wanted to thank you for this excellent work. Any idea if this book will be translated?

  2. Hello Jeff — makes me very happy to hear!

    Have not seen anything about a translation but if enough people ask for one — who knows! The book has a website and a page on facebook — the authors know english, so ask them!

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