december 24 (photos)

I’ve returned back home. It wasn’t a long journey this year, in fact it was a journey of a few blocks. That was a relief, and we stayed late. It wasn’t just about the ordinary christmas stuff though; it was hardly about that at all. Mr Dog and I walked along the quai. First in the afternon, as the sun was setting, and it was still light enough to take pictures.

(yes, it’s a fake skull.)

Later, in the evening, we took a walk along the quai again and extended it all the way to Djurgården. It was tranquil, quiet, a very different place. And it was very dark. There were stars in the sky; not as many as you see when in the countryside of course. But there were stars, and that, in itself, was just wonderful. Now I’m writing this looking through my window at a very bright Jupiter. In Sweden, december 24 is christmas — which means celebrations are now over. But for those of you who have not yet celebrated I say it again: have a very merry dogmas. Many woofs, barks and howls to you!

Edit: I left this one out. And regretted it. I’m too tired to choose the best ones. So I’ll just add it.


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  1. Phenomenal pictures … sometimes I think you’re trying to get us to forget about criticizing Steiner and just look at the pretty pics …
    Christmas is Dec 24 in Sweden? I had no idea.

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