lost in the woods (again)

Glenys and Philip Woods — waldorf education advocates who co-wrote a report (the Woods report) which has served as a basis for the UK government’s decision to fund some Steiner schools with public money — have  a new website:

If asked to summarise her beliefs in a word, Glenys would describe them as holistic, as would Philip concerning his beliefs.

Glenys’s spiritual path has led to her participation in numerous spiritual workshops and to her initiation as a Priestess of Shekinah and of Divine Mother Sophia, into the Order of Lord Melchizadek and The Violet Flame, and into the work of the Grandmothers (Net of Light). She is a Reiki Master (Atlantean and Crystal) and has been trained in Angelic Reiki Healing, Crystal Skull healing and other methods. Glenys does absent healing, as well as contact healing, which includes animals.

Aware of how important spiritual development is for holistic leadership, she is proactive in raising awareness of the value and significance of spirituality, so that it is not marginalised, and the importance at this time of understanding the ‘divine feminine’ and what this means for individuals’ growth and evolution.

Go check it out for yourselves. Further comments from me are unnecessary, right?

7 thoughts on “lost in the woods (again)

  1. Mr Dog does not want to be contacted in absentia. Nor in any other way.

    Edit: by mrs Woods that is. He likes contact with other people on 2 or 4 legs. Except cats.

  2. This mumbo-jumbo, I’m sad to say, is more (although, it has to be admitted, perhaps not quite) representative of waldorf/steiner education and its advocates than a somewhat reasonable physics professor like Zajonc. You don’t always get the anthroposophists you want. So you’ve got to say some of them to it wrong — but how can you know? And if people in the waldorf movement are frequently ‘doing it wrong’ — even the researchers who write research to promote the pedagogy — then why is nobody saying so? How do parents know if the teachers in their waldorf school are the Zajoncs or the Glenys Woods of the anthroposophic movement? Chances are they’re more like the latter. (See discussion in this thread: https://zooey.wordpress.com/2010/05/29/supervising-the-attacks/#comment-13631)

  3. Agreed, comments are unnecessary, yet of course we WILL comment. Depending on my mood, these things might make me laugh, or want to scream. At the moment, I’m closer to screaming. Even though I know that “contacting animals in absentia” is complete silliness, it also really pisses me off. Leave the animals out of your pompous pseudospiritiual healing trip. Don’t animals have enough problems, without human morons trying to “contact them in absentia” for quote-unquote spiritual healing purposes?

    Indeed these people are doing it wrong.

    Crystal Skull, wasn’t that one of the Indiana Jones movies.

  4. A model of the Goetheanum made from crystal would look like a crystal skull. I’ve seen Swedish crystal candle holders that bear some resemblance to the old concrete monster on the hill.

    What worries me is that some people actually believe this kind of healing works… and with animals, who can’t describe what pains them, this might lead to them not getting a visit to the vet when they need it. So there is some real dangers in this.

    (Side note: There’s a german anthroposophist psychic who channels animals and other beings — among them a penguin — she’s a real treat. Verena Staël von Holstein is her name. There are many books, in the Flensburger Hefte series, some have been translated to swedish so I guess they’re available in english as well. But there’s one special gem in english and it’s available online: http://www.facts-are-facts.com/magazin/3_talking_to_penguins.ihtml !!)

  5. A ‘freedom of information’ request was made to the Hereford Steiner Academy. This is from the reply, which was recently published:

    ‘This may be because the principle of establishing a Steiner Academy had already been agreed before it was decided that the Steiner Academy would be in Herefordshire. This agreement in principle was the result of an effective lobbying effort by the Steiner schools’ national body. Subsequently, a piece of research into Steiner schools was commissioned by the Department, which concluded that there would be benefits for the education system as a whole if other systems of education were included in the mainstream –


    ‘Effective lobbying’, yes. The piece of research is, of course, that of the Woods.

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