who is earth? what on earth…?

I got this in my email (thanks!). It’s a center for a new -osophy. Earthosophy! Courses are offered.

This course inaugurates the Center of Earthosophy of the School of Spiritual Psychology. Earthosophy is the devotional dimension of Spiritual Psychology. We invite you to learn Spiritual-Earth-praying, Spiritual-Earth-ritual, Spiritual-Earth-healing, Spiritual-Earth-meditating, Spiritual-Earth devotion. We enter into the living, unanswerable, always unfolding question: Who is Earth? Spiritually, Who is Earth? And, with that felt question, we enter the further question – How do we come into direct, immediate, bodily presence with the Presence of Earth.


With these guides, in this course we enter the deep tradition of Feminine Wisdom as Earth Presences. Sophia, Mary, The Black Madonna, Mary Magdalene, Our Lady of Guadalupe – we propose, are here, present, as the spiritual-living Earth. There are other traditions, of course. We provide ONE way, the bodily way of feeling, knowing, sensing, perceiving Earth as Spiritual Earth – in full, wakeful awareness.

Visit the Center for Earthosophy!


12 thoughts on “who is earth? what on earth…?

  1. You should definitely send Mr. Dog’s publicity shot to the Earthosophy people . I think they will see they have strayed from the true path and start sending chewbones to östermalm by the lorry load. It will become a place of holy pilgrimage.

  2. Mr Dog thinks that’s just laziness.

    Anyway, this anthroposophical newsletter advertises the earthosophy program:

    What caught my eye in this newsletter is unrelated to the topic of this thread though. It’s the use of the word ‘wisely’ in this plea/news item. (Go to p 6.)

    ‘Mindy has cancer and has wisely chosen not to endure the typical American chemo regimen in favor of natural and anthroposophic methods of healing. Unfortunately, her insurance does not cover alternative treatments for cancer, so we as a community are going to pitch in to help Mindy with this fundraiser.’


  3. I feel sorry for Mindy. She is choosing NOT to take her best shot at survival. The crazy thing is she could do both. Have the conventional treatment AND the alternative.

  4. Indeed. And it belies the notion that anthroposophical medicine is an extension, a complement, to conventional medicine, but not a replacement. In some people’s minds, it quite apparently is seen as a replacement and a reason to abstain from conventional treatments. Choosing not to have them is sad but anyone’s privilege… but it’s even sadder to see other people praising it as wise…

  5. We, especially mr Dog, must object: canineosophy is not the subdivision of anything! No no, more likely, earthosophy is a subdivision of canineosophy. Remember: it’s only thanks to the blessings of Dog we have an earth at all!

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