a new paradigm reaching across the threshold (courses)

via Melanie who linked to Roger who comments on this here. It’s a course with Christoph Wiechert.

Our educational tasks draw us into a new paradigm that reaches across the threshold — beyond the intellectual and emotional to the moral and spiritual. Today, more than ever, we must come to understand the spiritual foundations of pedagogy and appreciate the many challenges in the life of the teacher and the children who draw near us. As teachers we need to respect the sanctity of the child’s individuality by developing moral techniques based in imagination, inspiration, and intuition.

In this advanced seminar for Waldorf educators, we will seek new insights into ourselves as well as the children we teach, mindful that education works as a healing process based on the study of the human being, as well as the study of the children before us.

‘[T]he children who draw near us’ — am I right thinking that this is about karma? I mean, I know it is, but this weird statement somehow screams karma, without saying the word. Even though they draw rather than are drawn. (Draw is easier to combine with a message about the freedom of the individual?)

I wonder, too, what ‘respect[ing] the sanctity of the child’s individuality’ means in the context of waldorf education. (Are they? Perhaps they can have that respect in an anthroposophical sense — and, yet, from the viewpoint of the individual be interpreted as doing the opposite?)

I think it might be interesting to look at some of the center’s other courses too. Here’s one, on cancer.

Through an anthroposophical approach the patient can be seen as a spiritual being who existed before birth. From this perspective the disposition for cancer was acquired before conception in the spiritual realm.

However, how the illness actually manifests itself and which course it takes, depends on the presence of the Higher Self in body and soul during the earthly incarnation.

One on a special bridge:

Building a bridge between the world of the living and the world of the dead is a central task of anthroposophy.

Returning to waldorf education, crossing the Rubicon this time rather than reaching across a threshold or building a bridge to the dead:

In this course, we will explore the deeper aspects of sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. We will experience the profound implications of the “incorporation of the astral body” and its ramifications for the physical and emotional life of the child. We will come to appreciate the prescient ways in which Rudolf Steiner’s grades school curriculum meets the needs of this age group, particularly when it is interpreted by teachers who are on a path of inner development.

You can also get to know thyself through watercolour painting.


6 thoughts on “a new paradigm reaching across the threshold (courses)

  1. You really have a delightful way of highlighting the key points in an understated, very comical way. Nothing about this is intended to be funny, but somehow you have brought out the humor. (The humor has drawn near to you? Clearly your disposition for humorous commentary on anthroposophy was acquired by thyself prior to thy conception in the spiritual world.)

  2. thank you! I can’t believe this stuff isn’t intended to be funny ;-) It’s a triumph as a comic theatre of the absurd, or what that Gill dude wrote about the biodynamic restaurant.

    Anyway, one might say that I was (karmically of course, and quite subconsciously) drawn to waldorf education to develop a sense of (sometimes black) humour. We all need a(n) (un)healthy dose of misery to accomplish that.

    I mean, really, if you think about things, they are — and can always become — quite humourous. Being happy and content, however, is very often trite. There are no absurdities to ponder 30 years after the events, if the events are happy and free of trouble.

    (Btw, I’m going to, what’s it called, put a plug in for the Rosicrucian study group here on the blog. Possibly tonight. I hope that I can interest some readers for it.)

  3. I’m still waiting for my book, so will have to read the online version of the first chapter.

    (In case Jan is still reading — I did try to order the Zajonc book too, because I actually liked his book on light, but it’s out of stock. It was listed as available, but after I’ve placed the order, it turned out it wasn’t. A pity.)

  4. Hi Alicia, yes I ‘m here. In a way I ‘m loyal, you know.
    I read the book in Dutch translation, but I like to read the original too.
    I hope you will get it somehow!

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