agricultural alignment with spiritual beings

Here’s an exciting Steiner College course on ‘Biodynamics and the redemption of substance’. The

methods for developing a sacred relationship to the land will be explored through:
– presentations on the alchemy of the four elements as the theoretical basis for the biodynamic worldview
– exercises in phenomenology growing out of the work of the poet Goethe
– hands-on experiences in the art and science of preparation-making as an alchemical practice.

The practices the course will teach

will allow human beings to align themselves with spiritual beings who are waiting for human souls to build a bridge to the spiritual world, redeeming substance by uniting it once again with spirit.

Sounds good, don’t you think? Are the spiritual beings helping to build? Is it true they’re really waiting? Don’t they have more fun without humans (I bet they do)? Are we sure they didn’t dig the ditch — or magically conjured up the ocean? — that keeps us apart and which we’re supposed to bridge (through biodynamics) in order to get rid of us? Many questions, few answers.


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  1. I see they warn potential students that farming practices will not be covered – that would be difficult since none of the tutors is a farmer.

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