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vidarinstitutet och ‘the integrative care science center’

Vidarinstitutet har reinkarnerat som The Integrative Care Science Center. Vidarinsitutets ändamål är Vidarinstitutets forskningsstiftelse skall ha som [ändamål] att-dels bedriva och befrämja nationell och internationell vetenskaplig och opartisk forskning gällande antroposofisk vård, terapi eller medicin. Även sådan vetenskaplig och opartisk forskning gällande integrativa vårdformer som inte direkt betecknas som antroposofisk, men som i stort är […]

with ‘the help of a young clairvoyant bicycle mechanic’

Voldemort is real. He is here. Now. Through a series of strange synchronicities, astrological research, and the help of a young clairvoyant bicycle mechanic, historian Daniel Lucas has discovered the true identity of Voldemort. How in the world will he get anyone to believe his story? Set in New York City against the unfolding events […]


This is the evening of Rudi’s 151st birthday, that is, if you count the 25th of february as his birthday. Some people count the 27th. It doesn’t matter that much; in the ethereal kiosk, we can count both days. And all other days. In fact there’s no end to the celebrations. There is a strict […]

‘moon phase at the dates of birth and decease of anthroposophic pioneers’

This is a fun piece of research I found on twitter the other day. Perhaps you’ve all seen it, but I can’t avoid posting it anyway. Because, well, it’s fun and clearly highly relevant to… something. I don’t know what yet. Do you? Early adherents of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the anthroposophical movement, tend […]

ecswe’s surprising choice

A while ago, I was stunned to find that the odd visitor had made it to this blog via the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education. Even more strangely, their ‘press reports’ page. Maybe they didn’t read the post, I thought, convinced that someone would contact them and make them aware of this mistake. I […]

‘…ifrågasätter nyttan med vaccination…’ (och andra konstigheter)

Det här blir en liten uppdatering om mässlingen och vaccinationer. Det rapporterades i går att flera nya fall har bekräftats, och ännu fler är att vänta. Jag tänkte här bemöta några saker som påståtts i pressen. Ibland förekommer formuleringar som inte gör situationen rättvisa. På text-tv kunde man till exempel läsa i går natt: … […]

ingen ‘likställighet mellan att vara antroposof och att inte vaccinera sig’

Ur SvD angående mässlingsutbrottet: Kristian Holmberg, husläkare på den antroposofiska Vidarklinikens vårdcentral i Järna, säger att han känner till att det bor många ovaccinerade vuxna och barn i trakten. – Det är upp till varje förälder att bestämma hur man gör med sina barn. I det antroposofiska finns inga uppskrivna regler eller dogmer. Min erfarenhet […]

‘the technological kingdom’

On the critics list, discussing this video, Rafael posted a less advertised (ie, by the schools) explanation to the resistance to technology in waldorf education. A discussion that ended up reminding me of an old, funny article by head-anthro Prokofieff. Rafael wrote: Should not education be about what occurs in the first three life-cycles; the […]

mässling i järna

Det är väl kanske inte direkt förvånande att mässlingen bryter ut just i Järna (massor av medier kör samma nyhet i närmast identisk form). Enligt lokaltidningen varnar läkare för epidemi (i en artikel som bara finns i pappersversionen). Anledningen till att en potentiell epidemi inte förvånar är denna. Dagens Medicin är lite mer utförlig i sin […]


Falling asleep, the astral body and the I leave the physical body behind (Steiner says!). The ether body stays with the physical body. In dying — the brother of sleep, says Steiner — the ether body, too, abandons the physical body. (Diana summarized this particular lesson from Steiner’s Rosicrucian Wisdom last sunday; it’s lecture iii, […]

applied critical thinking

Here’s a seemingly useful course at the Rudolf Steiner College.  

‘friskolor som har en egen pedagogisk agenda må tolereras’

Ulf Ärnström skrev en kommentar om Sven-Eric Liedmans debattartikel i Dagens Nyheter i dag. Jag tycker att hans kommentar är värd att plocka upp som ett eget inlägg. Ulf skriver: Sven-Erik Liedman, en av de mest respekterade akademiker som offentligt stödjer Waldorfskolornas krav, skriver om den finska skolan idag på DN. Det är en […]

info3 on anthroposophical companies

The green movement and the market of ‘green’, organic products is partly beholden to — even a result of — fear and insecurity. This contemporary fear helps anthroposophical companies thrive, as they offer alternative products to the mainstream, ‘toxic’, ‘unnatural’… the bad, scary, potentially unhealthy stuff, in other words. Even if the companies themselves believe […]


today. It’s a bit like spring, isn’t it, almost…? well, just a little bit? It’s much lighter now; the sun doesn’t set until 5 pm. There isn’t much snow, and the worst cold is over.

stedall’s steiner movie (trailer)

Here’s the trailer for Jonathan Stedall’s Steiner movie. Let me just say one thing: this guy is impressed by Steiner. In a way that might overshadow his work. Seeing all these positive accounts lined up briefly (well, it is a trailer), I’m left feeling I have overdosed on awe and reverence (a very special anthroposophic […]


When chatting (on the critics list) about reading the Steiner book Rosicrucian Wisdom (and the peculiar reactions of anthroposophists to critics reading it), Diana and I came to touch upon another topic which I happen to find quite interesting. Diana wrote: I think we are seeing the mental state [anthroposophists] go into – after years […]

‘the false promise of racial progression’

Ok! I now have your attention! I know I do. Nick wrote (in a comment I’m trying to reply to; well, I actually did, on paper, in the middle of the night, which makes it complicated): Anthroposophy offers nothing that can not be found elsewhere other than the false promise of racial karmic progression. I […]

multiplied crazy

this seems to be a very confusing way of teaching the multiplication table. Please do watch the entire film even if it’s boring and repetitive, because the more it goes on, the more confusing it feels. Why the geometric shapes? As a waldorf student, I recognize all the star-shaped thingies created within circles (often creatively […]

stedall’s steiner movie

Jonathan Stedall’s documentary movie about Rudolf Steiner (‘The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner’) is finished and will soon premiere at the Rudolf Steiner House in London. I’m not sure if it will ever be shown in ordinary movie theaters; it seems somewhat unlikely. I have a question for you though. This is from NNA: For Jonathan […]

science teaching in steiner schools

There’s a Steiner education thread on the British Centre for Science Education forum. In this thread, MarkH has written a comment I think is important, and I hope he will forgive me for quoting it quite extensively. It is, unfortunately, difficult to find out what’s actually going on in the classroom. When I asked the […]

money, pr, the free school applications and the swsf

From the Steiner Waldorf School Fellowship’s financial report: We had a donation of £88,000 from the closure of Drayton Manor Trust. This money is with Hermes Trust and is out on loan to schools. Our trustees have agreed to leave it with Hermes Trust for the time and review annually. There is a year’s notice to withdraw […]

bad hats

Steiner schools in The Daily Mash. THE Waldorf-Steiner education method is responsible for a piece of headgear that offends all aesthetic sensibilities, it has been claimed. I hope that hat is felted wool and not polyester fleece (see picture; I included it here first, but it was so ugly I had to remove it, lest […]

bring a pint jar

An anthroposophical society event in Pasadena, California, February 19: What do the elemental beings want from humans? They want us to move forward with our consciousness, to evolve enough to recognize them again. We will work toward this by making a healing substance for the earth. As we work, we will engage our Will by […]

nothing between rejection and acceptance

On the Steiner exhibition, now in Weil am Rhein: Dass das Vitra-Design-Museum in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg und dem Kunstmuseum Stuttgart dem einflussreichen Reformer nun als erstes Museum überhaupt eine Retrospektive widmet, verweist dagegen auf lange Zeit verbreitete Berührungsängste gegenüber der vielseitigen Persönlichkeit. Als gäbe es im Umgang mit ihm keine Alternative zwischen Bekenntnis […]

horror dance

you know what? Eurythmy is the one thing that still scares the hell out of me; it’s the one thing that still fills me with horror. It’s not ‘schöne bewegung'; it’s the movement of horror.  Sorry. But it’s scary. It’s like watching humans pretending to be non-human, pretending to be ghosts. If death was a […]


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