The British NHS (National Health Service) categorizes people (well, patients) according to the belief system they belong to — dog knows for what purpose (no, actually dog doesn’t… he shakes head in disbelief) — and I’m quite thrilled to find that ‘anthroposophist’ is filed in the ‘other’ category, appropriately wedged in between ‘animist’ and ‘black magic’. So now you know! Anthroposophy belongs to the ‘other’ box and has some rather peculiar friends (among them: ‘secularist’). ‘Occultist’, however, is categorized as ‘pagan’. Theosophists don’t exist in the NHS system, it would appear. Here’s the evidence. (Thanks to Melanie who tweeted this illuminating document.)


3 thoughts on “‘other’

  1. Alicia points out on twitter that Canineosophy is not listed in the above document – of course it’s a science, not a belief. Some anthroposophical noses are going to be put out of joint over this, I can see. Meanwhile the situation at the vets is far more interesting.

  2. Canineosophists aren’t very fond of vets, to tell you the truth. The vets allow cats in their practices, for one thing.

    Mr Dog is spiritually researching a complementary — i e better, hopefully it will replace mainstream veterinary methods — canineosophical medicine. It will prove that, for example, vaccine shots are utterly uncanineosophical.

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