2 thoughts on “cold

  1. The cold is worth it just for that incredible blue. (It seems as if I am saying let the Swedes suffer for my pleasure!)
    The pinkish orange in the sky and water, and the peachy colour on the buildings complement it perfectly.

  2. Yup — Skeppsholmen (and Södermalm further behind, of course) seen from Strandvägen. It was pretty cold today, although nothing compared to other parts of the country. We had around -12; it was much worse elsewhere. But the sun is quite strong now — I saw ice melting and dripping slowly from some pipe on a roof facing south.

    Another thing I like about it is how fresh the air seems; how wonderful it is to breathe. It’s almost like a revelation — *this* is what it is like to breathe properly, freely! But too cold to be outdoors for very long… my fingers are still stiff.

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