stedall’s steiner movie (trailer)

Here’s the trailer for Jonathan Stedall’s Steiner movie. Let me just say one thing: this guy is impressed by Steiner. In a way that might overshadow his work. Seeing all these positive accounts lined up briefly (well, it is a trailer), I’m left feeling I have overdosed on awe and reverence (a very special anthroposophic drug).



2 thoughts on “stedall’s steiner movie (trailer)

  1. Yikes.

    I guess it’s worth remembering that this is a ‘celebration’ of steiner’s life. The camphill films were an exploration into – not a celebration of. I hope that this is a positive trailer to draw all the steiner’s in, make them watch it, and that once they’re sat comfily in their seats he will actually go on to present the ‘challenge’ – not just preach that which all the steiner’s already feel they know. I want the credits to roll and people to be left thinking – not the credits to roll and people to be left wiping a tear from their eye!!!!!!!


  2. Celebration, indeed. Judging by the trailer, were this a birthday, I’d say Stedall put too many candles on the cake and accidentally managed to melt the whole thing ;-)

    The movie itself could be different than the trailer, though. Not that the impression left by the trailer leaves much hope for that.

    And, while celebration is fine, I always get bad feelings when an article, a book or a recording of any kind elevates Steiner into a semi-god. Too much awe and reverence thend to accomplish just that impression. He’s much more interesting as a human being, so in my view, celebrating him as a human being would make more sense. Trying to understand rather than revere — what a celebration that would be!

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