applied critical thinking

Here’s a seemingly useful course at the Rudolf Steiner College.



6 thoughts on “applied critical thinking

  1. Nick doesn’t need the course, he’s already thinking critically. (That ad is slightly unclear to my confused brain, I must admit.)

    I hope they have a time machine. It’s very useful. But if they travel back to Rudolf’s times, he might not be there. He’s refusing to stay in the past, even if it would only be to entertain anthroposophical time-travellers.

  2. Well, they’re starting in Feb., ending in Nov., but that still ain’t 6 months.

    Really though we must give them credit. They are trying. I doubt a course titled “critical thinking” has ever before appeared in a Waldorf- or anthroposophy-related training.

    I need to know who the instructor is, though … will go try to find out.

  3. No wait, Nov. 30 is just the date the announcement was published. Maybe we need a refresher course ourselves …

  4. Yes, it’s very good actually; it’s a good path for them. Though I can’t help but wonder how they’ll approach it.

    Please, if you find out more, tell us!

    It’s still confusing though, because it runs 6 months and the end date is feb 14. I took this screenshot this evening (CET), so it doesn’t really match *upcoming* events in any case…

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