ecswe’s surprising choice

A while ago, I was stunned to find that the odd visitor had made it to this blog via the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education. Even more strangely, their ‘press reports’ page. Maybe they didn’t read the post, I thought, convinced that someone would contact them and make them aware of this mistake. I didn’t want to tell my blog readers and spoil the fun before I had a chance to relish it. The post is from september, but it didn’t turn up there until quite recently. Along with, I presume, the other news (the link below is to the newspaper article I think I must have been commenting on). Today it’s still there.

Or perhaps reality is so peculiar — not to say wondrous — that the ECSWE likes the ethereal kiosk? It is quite a splendid place, after all. Shall we offer them a glass of champagne? Perhaps a few nuts? Oh, I know! Ice-cream with nuts in it! And caramel. Only after that we’ll get them a bit tipsy on champagne. I’d ask Michael, the archangel (is that really him… or is it someone else? can someone else see him… it? doesn’t look quite like a normal archangel to me… it’s monstrous!), to come in and meet our prominent visitors, but he’s flying around, flapping his wings and chasing a bee around the gates. Oh dear Dog! He (it) is not trying to swallow him, is he? That could cause unfortunate stinging inside the stomach; but should I care, I then ask myself. Anyway, I’ll draw the curtains. Can’t have the ECSWE folks watch this saturday night spectacle! They’ll return home to their headquarters and sigh: ‘what a drama! Let’s never leave our own spiritual paradigm ever again. At least we’re safe here.’ They will remember the splendid ice-cream, the sleeping man in the corner (‘such a striking resemblence to… der Doktor? but no, can’t be’) and will forever wonder about the odd events outside the window. Did the bee need rescuing, et c, et c. Many questions, few answers. This realm we inhabit is full of mystery.

17 thoughts on “ecswe’s surprising choice

  1. indeed it is. Mysterious.

    I suspect there is so little written about anthroposophy that someone from the ECSWE is sent out across the web, trembling a little at the presence of Ahriman, to find links to anyone at all who mentions the word. He sees lights on in the ethereal kiosk, and presses his nose against the glass. It looks like fun. He wants to be part of it. He wants to take it home.

    It’s particularly hilarious that they’ve picked up a post satirising Dr Richard House-Flower, that famous lurker on the mother magazine. Perhaps the truth is that the ECSWE is a little tired of the hyperbolic Dr Richard Tree-House, and are laughing too. We will never know because Sune, who has a underdeveloped organ of satire, will probably now tell them to remove it.

  2. well Alicia, it’s now Monday and the ethereal kiosk is STILL featured on the ecswe site.

    Since they link to a pretty informative (and damning) post here, I can see three possible explanations:

    1) the people compiling the ecswe press list can’t read English

    2) Mr Dog has hacked into their site, possibly in search of rabbits

    3) there is concealed within your post a secret positive message, left there by The
    Illuminati, a mysterious sect of deranged conspiracy theorists.

    But what it does prove, I think conclusively, is that no one is actually reading the ecswe press list.

  3. an alternative to no 1: they had an education which doesn’t value reading comprehension highly…

    as for no 2, he’s not really that dumb. There are lots of bunnies on Cute Overload. He doesn’t need esoteric internet bunnies. Besides, he would have left a post about canineosophy-

    3 is the right answer though. But the message is canineosophical — they must have misinterpreted it….

    ‘But what it does prove, I think conclusively, is that no one is actually reading the ecswe press list.’

    … not even Sune??? But some do — or I wouldn’t have known either. I saw it via incoming visitors. The number is not impressive, however… even though it’s the top item still.

  4. Oh, how boring they are! They have removed the link.

    Well, then, no champagne in the ethereal kiosk for them! Unless they whisper to one of our resident gnomes that they do secretly regret doing it it but had to in order to placate Sune. We’ll be… charitable.

  5. does this mean you’re no longer a double-agent? Or perhaps it’s an even more cunning tactic. I no longer trust anything, the ground shifts beneath my feet etc.

  6. I notice that I already have to send Michael out for more and the evening has barely started yet! ‘Don’t flap your wings too much in the supermarket’, I beg of him.

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