‘moon phase at the dates of birth and decease of anthroposophic pioneers’

This is a fun piece of research I found on twitter the other day. Perhaps you’ve all seen it, but I can’t avoid posting it anyway. Because, well, it’s fun and clearly highly relevant to… something. I don’t know what yet. Do you?

Early adherents of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the anthroposophical movement, tend to be born and to die during the dark half of the lunar month. There is significant correlation (P = 0.03) between the distributions of the lunar elongation at birth and at decease. However, this correlation does not operate at the level of individuals, suggesting that the effects of birth date and death date are statistically independent.



2 thoughts on “‘moon phase at the dates of birth and decease of anthroposophic pioneers’

  1. Yes, for what could this be relevant? As a cute example of pseudo-science I guess. Or a fun example in a statistics course. Reading the original article would cost 31 $, As this is about anthroposophists I would rather recommend deciphering the esoteric meaning of this by occult inquiries. I have no idea how much such services cost these days ;-)

  2. Mr Dog can perform the canineosophical kind of occult inquiry. But it will be VERY expensive!

    As an example in a statistics course, it’s hilarious. I can tell, even though I haven’t read the study. But of course it’s all very serious and important science.

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