This is the evening of Rudi’s 151st birthday, that is, if you count the 25th of february as his birthday. Some people count the 27th. It doesn’t matter that much; in the ethereal kiosk, we can count both days. And all other days. In fact there’s no end to the celebrations. There is a strict prohibition against eurythmy — he’s had enough of it, it’s serious! don’t try us, you’ll be booted! –, but there will be lots of sparkling wine, and cognac and würstchen (of every kind) for those who so desire. A frequent visitor has brought some exotic nibbles. Anything from Lidl is highly exotic for people who spend their days in the realm beyond death.

People, still fairly sober, heading to the party. The archangel Michael has lost his head somewhere, possibly at Lidl. We will look for it tomorrow. (Photo from Stockholmskällan.)

The candles are alight, the sofas are softer than ever, the gates are guarded. Let the celebrations begin! Hooray!

… oh no! Don’t say Rudi has nodded off already. I mean, I know he’s really old, but… Wake him up, mr Dog! Ok, there we are. Now let’s drink a toast to the best dead esotericist ever!


10 thoughts on “151st

  1. … will you promise not to poop on the furniture this time? Since your last visit we’re a bit cautious about baboons and other monkeys. Also elk. They tend to get drunk on fermented fruit and disrupt our garden… getting stuck in trees, et c…

  2. I hope Lidl are paying you for this product placement.

    Salut! I would have brought George Ivanovich, but he is .. working.

  3. No, they aren’t. In fact, I’ve never been to Lidl ever, but some of their products are very appreciated in the kiosk, I’ve understood. They don’t have much biodynamic food, do they? I need to eat biodynamic. It’s a question about keeping up my (bad) reputation.

  4. you are indeed a puzzle within an enigma. Rather like one of those Lidl olives with an almond stuck in it. Which reminds me..

  5. Wonderful.
    I am sure I spotted the members of the first Vorstand in there, and Rudi dancing with Rosa Mayreder.

  6. Oh, they are there, I’m sure. Sometimes they wear masks, to be able to come and go incognito… but with enough champagne… well!

    The party, of course, went on all through the night. In fact, I was woken up at 5 — all that noise!! And it has not stopped yet — although, for the moment, this afternoon, everybody seems to be taking naps… so as to be able to continue the celebrations tonight. Some people do count the 27th. Like the Goetheanum:

    As usual, anthroposophists celebrate with a eurthmy ensemble. Don’t blame me when Rudi doesn’t show up! You must focus more on cognac and sausages. And champagne. But will you listen to me? No…

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