with ‘the help of a young clairvoyant bicycle mechanic’

Voldemort is real. He is here. Now.
Through a series of strange synchronicities, astrological research, and the help of a young clairvoyant bicycle mechanic, historian Daniel Lucas has discovered the true identity of Voldemort. How in the world will he get anyone to believe his story?
Set in New York City against the unfolding events of Occupy Wall Street and the 2012 Presidential election, this novel aims to transform Muggles into Hogwarts Wizards to help defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Above is the description of anthroposophist Kevin Dann’s new book Where’s Voldemort. Kevin Dann previously wrote Christ and the Maya Calendar together with Robert Powell and has lectured on anthroposophical topics. The ratings are smashing — five stars! I recommend reading the reviews of this book which ‘[o]pens the avenues to new thinking and feeling.’ Or why not read the book and tell me about it? (You see, I can’t be bothered. But it sounds fun. I never read Harry Potter either.)


2 thoughts on “with ‘the help of a young clairvoyant bicycle mechanic’

  1. I’ve missed all the movies. Didn’t even know there were any. Got to keep away from ahrimanic entertainment.

    The mayans are indians. Extinct. Steiner explained, didn’t he…

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