star wisdom

for old souls and young souls and others. Happening right now at a Rudolf Steiner College. If you missed it, don’t blame me, it wasn’t meant to happen. Karma.


One thought on “star wisdom

  1. This was quite special:

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    ‘… each of us has a starry birth chart that bears traces of our prenatal intentions, hopes, aspirations, talents, and life challenges. … During these two weeks, we will focus upon our birth chart as an instrument of self-knowledge. The birth chart bears within it our relationship to the spiritual hierarchies, who from the Zodiac form our physical body and twelve senses. Spiritual beings also work from the moving planets into our etheric body and seven life processes. The relationships weaving between the planets from the moment of conception up to the moment of our birth help establish the timing of our biographical events, and the angular relationships between the planets at birth “tunes” our astral body to particular cosmic intervals that we play upon – like the musical instrument of our soul – the melodies, harmonies and dissonances of our biography. Finally, our “I am” or Self uses the birth chart – representing the astral body, etheric body, and physical body – to achieve its individual purpose in seeking to answer the four essential questions: Who am I? What relationships do I have with others? What are my foundations in this life? What is my mission?’

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