just keep going, nobody cares

From Michaela Glöckler and the Medical section:

How far has the development of the School progressed today with regard to putting elements of a new sacred mystery culture into practise? What kind of qualities of work are we dealing with? And when we consider the few indications that Rudolf Steiner gave regarding the nature and tasks of the Second and Third Classes, how does the esoteric work of the Sections relate to this? What forms of community building are inherent in it and need to be developed? What forms of working are appropriate for a group of people who want to align themselves directly with the spiritual world, as is the case with Members of the Michael School? And how is this affected by the fact that our esoteric material has been published?

Most likely: not much at all. Very few people care. Yes, I know, it’s unfair, but it is nevertheless the truth.

… unless you mean affected supersensibly. Well, I can’t answer that.

Here, anyway, is the pdf describing this medical section Michaelmas conference.