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On the topic of nature deficit disorder, here’s an article in Wales Online. It’s about another waldorf school ready to jump on the recently discovered and defined ‘disorder’ to boost their marketing. The representative of the school calls the waldorf school a ‘forest school’; I’m not sure why. (I don’t doubt the sanity of going out in the forest, by the way. There are sticks in the forest and canineosophy regards sticks as holy objects.) Here’s how she describes waldorf education:

The school is based on the ideas of Austrian academic Rudolf Steiner and focuses on the importance of learning to play, socialise and listen rather than reading and writing

Academic, sure. But, honestly, was it as an academic he got famous, was it as an academic he started an educational movement? Perhaps he was the academic who — ahead of his time — discovered ‘nature deficit disorder’? Oh, I can see how that angle could work in favour of waldorf education.


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