easter in the astral

A waldorf teacher writes:

Along with many colleagues, I strive as an anthroposophist to look at and comprehend my life. There are important concepts to be reckoned with and adopted. In teacher training classes I always find an opportunity to tell my students: “One must always be active in one’s consciousness. We say ‘I’ many times every day; it is good to ask oneself the question: ‘When I say ‘I’ in this context, am I speaking out of its connection with the physical body, the etheric body of customs and habits, the astral body of wishes and thoughts, or the lower I, the gateway to a sense of humor?’” Naturally, I turned the words on myself and found the creative center of my little talk.

“How will I meet Easter in the astral?” I asked myself. These thoughts always seem so strangely put that I need to orient myself anew within them time and again.

The gateway to humour. I have this feeling that perhaps some anthroposophists need to explore their lower I:s a bit more, if that’s where the gateway is. About meeting easter in the astral, you have to consult the article…!

(By the way, what’s this supposed to mean: ‘I did say that it is not possible to have an anthroposophical thought that exists outside this paradigm. And that this paradigm did not exist outside the Christ as that link between the cosmos and human beings’?)


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  1. I think your last question can be answered with the thought, “ours is the only way.” I have NEVER met a practising anthroposophist with a sense of humour. They do laugh just not at funny things. Irreverence has no place with them [wonder if that sparks anyone up]?

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