psychosophy & preparations for the 6th epoch

Psychosophy has been mentioned before here on the blog. There’s a psychosophy conference in may, see this ad:

Psychosophy is ‘a spiritual scientific framework for understanding the wisdom of the soul’ that, curiously, has ‘remained largely unknown and little developed’ despite being of such huge importance. Anyway, I think you should read this article written by one of the conference participants, Yehuda Tagar:

William [William Bento, pioneering psychosophist /a] cast surprising light about the obscurity of Rudolf Steiner’s Psychosophy during the 20th Century by describing in details the tragedy resulting from the great founders of modern psychology who made use of Steiner’s teaching, but never acknowledged it, obscuring the spiritual dimension of human existence as a result: Carl Jung, Roberto Assagioli, and William James. They all chose to make use of certain results of spiritual science, without referring to its original sources.

Quite amazing, isn’t it? (One might reasonably question the truth of these claims, however.) Tagar continues:

William took us through a journey of esoteric research well grounded in experiential professional application, entering the mystery connection between the expansion of human etheric body, the vulnerability of the heart, the dynamics of the Double, the Assuras current activity, the split in the human soul, as well as the preparation for the 6th Epoch. He connected the practice of Psychosophy to the Christ impulse, contrasting the archetype of I with the archetype of the anti-I, highlighting the moral conditions required for conducting Psychosophy work as an extension of initiatory processes. The intrinsic connection between the healing of psyche, psycho- therapy, and the transformation of human astrality into Spirit Self became a logical evolutionary sequence in his dissertation; the practicality of transforming personal evil into personal redemptive spirituality became a practical guide for practitioners.

I suppose preparation for the 6th epoch is one of the most pressing questions modern psychology has yet to deal with. Good to see that, while mainstream psychology largely still ignores the issue, psychosophy is around to take responsibility. And cognitive behavioural therapy, so popular these days, will surely be entirely powerless when it comes to dealing with the current activity of the Asuras.


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  1. It’s worth also looking at this Steiner lecture.

    ‘Psychosophy is intended as a study of the human soul starting with what it can itself experience here in the physical world, but then ascending to higher realms in order to show that the life we encounter and can observe in the physical world leads up to glimpses of a higher soul life, from which the light of theosophy will come to meet us, as it were. A variety of considerations will occupy us during these lectures. Beginning with apparently simple matters, we will ascend to a contemplation of those phenomena of the soul life that we call attention, memory, passions, emotions. We will consider the realms of the true, the good and. the beautiful. Then we will examine the phenomena that affect human life beneficially or harmfully, out of which arise actual causes of sickness that at the present time intervene and influence our soul lives. This will bring us to the point where the psychic element enters our physical life, our daily work. We shall have to study the interaction of bodily weal and woe, and the forms of the soul life. Our observations will lead us up to the high ideals of human society, and we will consider phenomena of our daily life, such as the origin of means for passing the time and how these, in turn, affect the soul life and reveal themselves in manifold concatenations. Then the curious effects of boredom and much else will be presented, as well as remedies for poor memory, lack of forceful thinking, and the like.’

    (Don’t miss the translator’s note…)

  2. A short and uncritical Wikipedia search says that the term psychosophy is used in theosophy, by Steiner followers and by a US teacher who has trademarked it, selling a diversity of coaching services.

    Steiner apparently saw it as one part of three “discipilnes”

    The term was used by the Austrian philosopher and scholar Rudolf Steiner in a three part series of twelve lectures given in Berlin in 1910, two years before he left the Theosophical Society, but was not apparently used again in Steiner’s extensive published works. The lectures lay almost dormant for nearly 90 years until their publication. The four lectures on psychosophy discuss Steiner’s perspective on the primary aspects of the human soul, the activities and interactions of various soul forces, the dynamics of love and hate, and the process of judging. Steiner distinguished psychosophy from anthroposophy (wisdom of the human being) and pneumatosophy (wisdom of the spirit). (Wikipedia)

    Steiner orders these three disciplines in a hierachy:

    “You are familiar with the organization of the nature of man as body, soul, and spirit, from which it is natural to infer that the soul life comes in contact on the one side with the bodily life and on the other with the spiritual life. This is the step that leads up from anthroposophy to psychosophy, and at some future time we must ascend from psychosophy to pneumatosophy.” (Steiner, Wisdom of Man, of the Soul, and of the Spirit 1910)

    My first guess was that Steiner left the division in three -osophys. And that it is now mostly something growing around William Bento and people selling anthroposophical healing services. But then I found that Steiner spoke about pneumatosophy as late as 1923:

    As always, just sticking to canineosophy will save you a lot of trouble and confusion. Of course confusion can be a good thing, but this kind seems more like a waste of time …

  3. A later development in a related area is embryosophy.

    Clearly, sticking to canineosophy is the sane option…

  4. I was looking at my mother’s family tree and history. She had German roots! I’m an aryan/Māori. Bring on the 6th epoch….us aryans will be fine :-) I’m spiritually superior LOL. I think I’ll become a waldorf teacher, I don’t need to train, my mum will teach me how to knit. Oh what promise for my so far empty life. I’m gonna reincarnate and day now. I used to be an atlantean but I forgot…

  5. I thought you’d be interested in reading some more about the psychosophy conference. It begins tomorrow!

    ‘… Psychosophy represents a set of new soul faculties capable of apprehending the spirit through all matter of phenomena. The phenomena can be seen as the appearance of a new creative mythological force shaping our time. To see it and anticipate its development gives rise to prophetic consciousness. In a very aphoristic way, I could say this time of critical transition we are facing is about a particular flowering of Consciousness Soul that is about to produce seeds for the Spirit Soul. Much of humanity cannot see this transition for what it promises, for the veil of fear is too vast and heavy upon the soul. But there are always forerunners who will suffer the way before others can follow and remove the veil of fear to see the light.’

    It’s from William Bento’s musings:

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