problem and solution

What to do when the year has fiftyone weeks and the Calendar of the Soul presupposes a year of fiftytwo weeks?

There are 51 weeks from Easter 2012 through Easter 2013, but we have 52 verses. This calls for an accommodation in order to maintain the organic whole of the Soul Calendar. One possible solution for this year is to work with Verses 44 and 45 together during the same week in February. These two dynamic meditations focus on strengthening the soulforces necessary to overcome Ahriman’s powerful deceptions.

See this lovely and helpful chart!

If this is not good enough and you wish for something else, perhaps something more modern, you can have the Calendar of the Soul as an iPhone app. This is possibly even more helpful, but also more ahrimanic, and thus more dangerous. Especially if you’re going to allocate only one week to meditation aimed at strengthening the soulforces needed to overcome Ahriman’s deceptions. On the other hand, a subtly increased ahrimanic presence may spice up your life… Not an unexciting prospect, is it?