facebook and karma

I have to post this because it’s so funny. For no other reason at all. It’s just very, very funny. Here’s a program from the Goetheanum youth section. That is, anthroposophy for young people, supposedly, but these events seem quite inclusive, also welcoming the old. Pay attention to the first entry: ‘Zeitfragen mit Johannes Greiner’. It means something like ‘current topics with…’. You know, questions that are ‘in’ at the moment. Anyway, Endstation Dornach posted a more detailed program description on their Facebook page. Very appropriate choice of medium, one must say. Here are the topics of the times (translated to english):

Facebook and the automatization of karma

The computer and dehumanization of intelligence

Anthroposophy in the cinema?

Is rock music evil?

I wish I was there!

I admit that automatization of karma in connection with Facebook is perhaps something that ought to be discussed more. Risks, benefits? Impact on coming incarnations? Can I bring my Facebook account with me from one incarnation to the next? Is there something karmic in how social media work? Hm. (Anyone?) The two latter topics, however, that is, about rock music and the cinema, appear charmingly anachronistic.